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   Merthyr Tunnel

 A.K.A. Aberdare Tunnel

 Merthyr Tydfil

Last Train No 6416 29th December 1962

MerthyrTydfil_MerthyrTunnel_LastTrain_6416_29_12_1962.JPG (246072 bytes)


Last Day of Passenger Trains. Photograph by Barry Morris

MerthyrTydfil_Railways_MerthyrTunnel_LastDayOfPassengerTrains_BarryMorris.JPG (154187 bytes)

Merthyr Tunnel Junction Signal Box

MerthyrTydfil_MerthyrTunnelJunctionSignalBox.JPG (198727 bytes)

Adrian Evans of Edwardsville sent us these photographs he took of the tunnel during September / October 2011








Merthyr or East Portal

(Photograph courtesy of Adrian Evans, Edwardsville)


Aberdare or West Portal

(Photograph courtesy of Adrian Evans, Edwardsville)




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