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Gellifaelog School

Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil.


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Gellifaelog School - 1956-1957


Gellifaelog School - Christmas Party - 1958/59

Jeff Jones is top right and the Headmaster (Mr. Chapman) is at centre bottom.

(Photograph From the Merthyr Express, Courtesy of Jeff Jones)


Gellifaelog School - 1959

The teacher is Mr. Eric Davis (Math) Back row, 1st on left: Brian Regan. Back row, 3rd from left: Bernie.Back row, 5th from left: Jeff Jones (me). Middle row, 6th from left: Graham Davies. Front row, 1st on left Howard? Front row, 4th from left: Aaron Davies. Ken Addis is third from the left in the middle row.

(Photograph Courtesy of Silwyn Morgan & Extra Information Courtesy of Jeff Jones)


Gellifaelog School and Penydarren in the 1960's

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Thomas ex West Grove)


Gellifaelog Modern School, 1959 - 1960.

Top Row:                Alan Richards, Willie Elliot, Billy Harvey? Philip Lewis, Derek John Lewis, Robert Tovey,

                             Barry Morgan, Haydn Llewellyn, Robert Petersen, Iwan Jenkins.

3rd Row:                Ken Driscoll, Billy Smith, Dai Evans,; Maldwyn Edwards, Vivian Morgan, William Cooksey, ?, ?,

                             Peter Foster Davies, Philip Budding, John Coombs

2nd Row;               Eddie Clark, ? Hamilton?, Stu Saunders, Dai Llewellyn, Vivian Bevan, ? Owens?, ? , John Jones:

                            Nigel Santos, Alun Williams, Derek Toy.

Front Row:            John Mitchell, Barrie Jones, Edwin McCarthy, ? ; Mancell ?

Teacher is the famous D.T. Davies form master and celebrated Dowlais musical celebrity.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Barrie Jones)

Gellifaelog School 1961.

L-R   Back Row:    Stuart Evans, Peter Williams, Philip Willis, Roger Hocking, Gwynfor Smith, David Collins,

                            ? Willis, Phillip Jones, Ronny Howells, Granville Jones.

        Middle Row:  Teacher: Tony Davies, Michael Mahoney, Russell Morgan, Ken Williams, Barry Morgan,

                            Tony Roberts, Roy Morgans, Roy Williams, Keith Brace.

        Front Row:    David Jones, Tommy Byrne, Paul Mason, Ken Evans, Tony ?, Adrian James, Derek Harvey,

                            Tommy Cunningham, Derek Toy, Derek James

(Photograph and info courtesy of David Davies, 10th Avenue)

Gellifaelog School 1962/64ish.

L-R   Back Row:    Teo Sullivan, Vivian Jones, Graham Thomas, Mike Williams, Derek McCarthy,

                            Arthur Griffiths, Richie Griffiths, William Lewis.

        Middle Row:  Fred Thomas, Maldwin Price, Jimmy Hopkins, David Smith, John Wayne Davies,

                            Maldwyn Jones, Peter Lewis. Teacher: Mr Jenkins "Bulldog"

        Front Row:    Philip  Royston 'Charley' Charleston, Ronnie Griffiths, Allen Edwards, G. Williams, Phillip Thomas,

                            D. Hegarty, Gareth Morgan, David Davies.

(Photograph and info courtesy of David Davies, 10th Avenue)


Gellifaelog Harvest - Late 1960s

L-R: Richard Pendry, David ?, Elizabeth Joll and Pat ?

(Information Courtesy of Elizabeth Bedford, nee Joll)


Gellifaelog School - 1965

Back Row L-R:-             Geraldine Harrinton, Pamela Braithwaith, Susan Davies, Phillip Williams, Malcolm Jones, Tony Pollard,

                                    Gaynor Evans, Linda Morgan, Colin Rees, David James.

Middle Row L-R:-           Mrs Lewis (Teacher), Val Pritchard, Janice Evans, Annette Harris, Ken Morgan, Jimmy Barret,

                                    Graham Pinch, Gillian Gonzales, Susan Collins, Denise Darkhouse, Mr Jones (Teacher).

Front Row L-R:-            Jean Gillespi, Wendy Williams, Brian Matthews, David Davies, Clive Collins, Cavan Williams, Danny Falls,

                                   Jean Smith, Terry Murphy.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Jimmy & Jacie Barrett)


Gellifaelog School Photo - 1965

Back Row L-R :- Mr Beynon

Middle Row L-R :- Gillian Taylor (Nee Harrison)

Front Row L-R :- Anthony Casey

(Photograph courtesy of Terry Casey, who obtained these photographs through Gillian Taylor)


Gellideg School, St. David's Day 1965.

L - R back row: ?, ?, Carol Power, Alison Jones,?, ?, Sandra Lewis, ?, ?.

L - R middle row: Tina Renkie, Elaine Lloyd, ?, ?, Sian Davies, Catherine Pendry, Lynne Thomas, ?, ?, ?.

L - R front row: Laura Handy, Annette Price, Karen Serrano, Clare Lewis, Wendy Jones, ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Karen Price)


Gellifaelog Secondary Modern School Football Team 1968.

Back Row L-R:-   Mr Blackmore (PE Teacher) John Davenport, Robin Collins, Gary O'Brien, Brian Starr, Robert Muncey. Mr Beynon (Headmaster)
Front Row L-R:-   Wayne Price, Steven Matthews, Steven Williams, John Wall, Philip Thomas.

(Photograph courtesy of Brian Starr)


Gellifaelog School Football Team - 1968/69 - Under 15s

Back Row L-R:      Blacker (PT Master) A Williams, Robert Pocknell, John Richards, P. Willimas, S. Purcell, S Beynon (Headmaster).
Front Row L-R:      B Walsh, A Thomas, G Lloyd, D Showers (Captain) G Davies, T Lewis, K Edwards.

(Photograph Courtesy of Elaine Foley)


Gellifaelog Nursery School - Christmas 1969

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Rees)


Gellifaelog School - St. David's Day - 1971

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Rees)


'Gellifaelog Folk Dancers at the Eisteddfod' - June 1973

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Rees)


Triumphant Urdd Eisteddfod Dance Team - 1973

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Rees)

Mothers Protest at 'Coal Dispute' - 17th March 1975


Paula Leaker and Julia Williams present Mayor Jack Handley with a cheque for 290.14 for his Appeal Fund 1975-76.

(Photograph Merthyr Express)


Gellifaelog School Swimmers - Late 1970's

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Rees)


Gellifaelog School - Late 1970's

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Rees)


Gellifaelog Playgroup - Late 1970's

(Photograph Courtesy of Lynne Rees)

Gellifaelog Junior School - Standard 4S - 1979

Gellifaelog Infants School  - 1977 / 78.

Leanne Williams bottom row extreme right.

(Photograph courtesy of Leanne Williams)


Gellifaelog Infants School - 1979

Leanne Williams bottom row second from left.

(Photograph courtesy of Leanne Williams)


Aerial Photograph of Gellifaelog School

Showing the old buildings to the right, with the new school under construction to the left.


Gellifaelog School Demolition

Demolishing the old Gellifaelog School, before the new Gellifaelog Primary School opens.

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express, Courtesy of Lloyd Rees)


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