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Dowlais Central Schools

Dowlais Junior School

Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil


Dowlais Central School - Standard 6 1899.

Gethyn Rees sent us this photograph and tells us

"My Great Grandfather is seated centre front row and his name is Alfred James Williams born 3rd Feb 1887 and lived at 22, Dowlais Top. He was a grandson of Mary Ann Dyer of the Tredegar Arms
The Lad, back row far right is a mate of his and was known as Morgan Ty Top by my Mum as he lived in the top house of Station Terrace. That's all we know of them in the photograph!  The plaque on the back wall says Feb 1899  VI."

(Photograph Courtesy of Gethyn Rees)


Dowlais Central School - Standard 4A

(From the John Dennithorne Collection)


Dowlais Girls School Standard 2A 1929

Back Row L-R:- Elsie, Doris, Sylvia, Mary, Gwen, Paula, ?, Eunice, Jenny, Sally, Gwyneth.

3rd Row L-R:-  We only have 9 of the 10 names.  Gladys, hannah, fanny, Betty, Myra, Betty, Irene, Maureen, Betty.

2nd Row L-R:- We have 13 of the 12 names. Olive, Gwen, ?, ?, Doris,Thelma, Gwen, Irene, Betty, Doris, Glenys, Mary, Iris.

Front Row L-R:- Peggy, ?, ?, Phyllis, Brenda, Peggy, Betty, ?, Iris, Anita.

(Photograph courtesy of Sandra Thomas)



Dowlais Boys School - Standard 1a. 1929



Dowlais Boys School - Standard 1. 1929

Dowlais Boys School - Standard 2 - 1929

Dowlais Boys School - Standard 2A. 1929

Dowlais Boys School - Standard 3. 1929

Dowlais Boys School - Standard 4A - 1929

Dowlais Boys School - Standard 4M. 1929



Dowlais Boys School - Standard 5. 1929

Ian Evans is sitting in the front row, holding the right side of the sign.

(Photograph Courtesy of Jill Evans)

Dowlais Boys School - Standard 5A. 1929

Dowlais Boys School Forms 2 & 3 - 1929

Dowlais Boys School - Staff. 1929.


Dowlais Central School 1955

L:R:   Back Row:                Miss Williams, Stuart Jones, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Williams Elliot, Geoffrey Hughes , Teacher.

         Middle Row:              ?, ?, Kenneth Price, Lawrence Abbott, Lyn Strangwood, Graeme , Perry Williams,

         Front Row:                Anne Griffiths, Linda Jones, Linda Pritchard, ?, ?, Denise Protheroe, ?, ?, ?, Anne Harris,?, ?, ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Stuart Jones & Information Courtesy of Alan Williams)


Dowlais Junior School - Approx 1955

Back Row L-R:      Mr Haydn Jones Headmaster, Stuart Phelps, Bobby Barkhouse, Robert Evans, Joan Meredith, Jennifer Urquart, Joyce Pierce, Lyn ?, Malcolm Ethelstone,

                             Malcolm Williams, Lynford Flye, John Morgan, Mr Davies Class Teacher.
Middle Row L-R:   Tony Lewis, Brian Morgan, Gwynfor Elliot, Eric James, Peter Evans, Alun Hughes, Gwynfor Price, Derek Carter, Peter Davies, Lyn Dyer, Robert Lewis.
Front Row L-R:      Carol ?, Jennifer Davies, Glenys ?,Mavis Evans, Lauren Watkins, Beryl Cooper, Sandra Jenkins, Pat Groves, Glenys Richards, Betty Davies, ? ,Pauline ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Davies)


Dowlais Junior School - Circa 1955

(Photograph courtesy of Colin Evans)



L:R:   Back Row:                Miss Morgan, ?, ?, Peter Griffiths, ?,?, ?, ?, ?, Miss Williams

         Middle Row:              Raymond Griffiths, John Griffiths, Bill Littlewood, ?, ?, ?, Melvyn Jenkins, ?,

         Front Row:                Ann Summers, ?, Glynis Blackwell, ?,?, Hilary Caswell, ?, ?,

(Photograph courtesy of Val Griffiths, Thanks to Bill Littlewood for names.)


Dowlais Central Junior School Staff - 1957

Back Row L-R :- ?, Mr Lawrence, Mr Davies, Mr Lewis

Front Row L-R :- ?, ?, Mr Jones (Headmaster), ?, Veronica Jones

(Photograph courtesy of Garath Protheroe)


Dowlais Junior School - Approx 1957

Middle Row, 2nd from left: Barbara Phillips.

(Photograph courtesy of Barbara Hussey nee Phillips)


Dowlais Junior School - Approx 1957

Back Row L-R:       Mr Davies Teacher, Lynford Flye, Brian Morgan, John Morgan, Gwynfor Elliot, Robert Lewis, Alun Hughes, Gwynfor Price, Robert Evans, Tony Lewis, Malcolm Williams,

                              Mr Haydn Jones Headmaster.
Middle Row L-R:    Stuart Phelps, Peter Davies, Lyn Dyer, Peter Evans, Joan Meredith, Glenys Richards, Derek Carter, Eric James, Bobby Barkhouse, Philip Thomas.
Front Row L-R:       Carol ?, ? Betty Davies, Mavis Evans, Sandra Jenkins, Beryl Cooper, Joyce Pierce, Jennifer Davies, Jennifer Urquart, Lauren Watkins.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Davies)



L:R:   Back Row:                Haydn Jones (Headteacher), Mel Jenkins, John Jones, Alan Morgan, Howard Batten, Vincent Morgan,

                                         Reg Newbury, Peter Griffiths, Dennis Morgan, ?, ?, Stan Phillips, Teacher.

         Middle Row:              Mike Mahoney, Gerwyn Edwards, Phillip John Lloyd, Brian Hurley, David Smith,

                                         Lenny Jones, Phil Corke, ?, Donald Spacey.

         Front Row:                John Grifftihs, Sheila Jones, Avril Spacey, ?, Yvonne Morgan, ?, ?, Wendy ?, Marilyn


(Photograph courtesy of Val Griffiths, Names courtesy of Gerwyn, Allison & Hywel Edwards)


Dowlais Central School - Winners of the Merthyr Schools Knockout Cup - 1959

Back Row L-R:      Haydn Jones, ?, Phil Lewis, Nigel Watkins (?), Barry (?) Mr Davies
Middle Row L-R:   Paul (?), Geoffrey Hughes, Tegwyn Price, Lawrence Abbott, William Elliott, Perry Williams.
Front Row L-R:      ?, Clive Passe, Lyn Strangwood (Foxy), Eddie Gray, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Phil Lewis)


Dowlais Central School - Class 3A - 1958/59c

Back Row R-L:              Stuart Evans, Gerwyn Marshalse, Phillip Besley, Peter Jones, Phillip Cartwright, Elwyn Kinsey,

                                    Raymond Wall, Elwyn Davies, Cerys Morgan & Alan Butler.

Middle Row L-R:            Margaret ?, Barbara Morgan, Sheila Clark, Pam Smith, Lynwyn Edwards, Margaret Sinnet, Eira Price,  

                                    Linda Thomas & Barbera Phillips,

 Front Row R-L:             Linda Phillips, Margaret Edward, Mair Davies, Sandra Jones, Dorothy Edwards, Marion Jones,

                                    Marion (James) Hughes, Kay Sullivan, Anne Muncey, Jean Thomas, Dilys Manuel, Janice Evans & Jean Davies.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alyson Rowlands)


Dowlais Junior School 1958-59.

BACK ROW L-R:-     Roger Charleston, Tony Bunce, Colin Tasker, Keith Williams, ?, Jeffery Jones, Glyn Edwards, Robert Ashley. 

MIDDLE ROW L-R:-  Colin Evans, Brian Morris, Roger Morgan, Morgan Mills, Brian McCarthy, Stuart Williams, Philip Fly,

                               Tony Williams, ?, Raymond Thomas (ex labour leader), Robert Pugh. 

FRONT ROW L-R:-   Pat Williams, Layla Jones, Valmy Rees, Annette Morgan, Ann Roberts, Margaret Collins, Valerie Williams, Pauline Collins, ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Tony (Tiger) Williams)


Dowlais Junior School. 1958 - 1959

Back Row L-R :- Martin Cater, Keith, ?, Alan, John Hickey, David Hughes, ?, Glenville Price, John James, Morgan, ?, David Owen, Keith, ?.
Middle Row L-R :- John Morgan, Valmai Rees, Jane Elliot, Sandra Gracia, Anne Griffiths, Jennifer Wall, Geraldine Hickey, Elizabeth Pocknell, Marilyn Mahony, Catherine Morgan, Jacky Smith, ?.
Front Row L-R :- Helen Morgan, Sandra Thomas, Annette Davies, Cerys Evans, Marion, Pamela Showers, Gwyneth Davies, Kathleen Spacey, Carol Jones, Ann Foley, Patricia Evans, Margaret John.


(Photograph courtesy of Sandra Thomas)


Standard 4A - 1959

Back Row L-R:          Headmaster (Jumbo) Mr. Haydn Jones, Stewart Jones, Nigel Watkins, Royston Griffiths, Howard Thomas,

                                Vivian Phillips, Clive Passe, William Elliott, Terry Gray, Teacher Mr. Lawrence (Lollipop).
Middle Row L-R:        Phillip Noel Lewis, Peter Morgan, Perry Williams, Lyn Strangwood, Susan Williams, Lynda Jones,

                                Anne Griffiths, Kenneth Price, Lawrence Abbot, Tegwyn Price, Geoffrey Hughes.

Front Row L-R:           (?), (?), (?), (?), Mair Jenkins, (?), Anne Morgan, Linda Pritchard, (Anne Harris ?), Julie Aitken.
(Photograph courtesy of Val Griffiths & Information Courtesy of Alan Williams additional information Nigel Watkins)


Standard ? - 1959

(Photograph courtesy of Val Griffiths)


July 1959

(Photograph courtesy of Lynda O'Keefe)


Dowlais Junior School 1960-61.

BACK ROW L-R:-           Robert Ashley, Jeffery Jones, Colin Tasker, Tony Bunce, Glyn Edwards, Colin Evans, Keith Williams, ?, Roger Charleston, ?.

MIDDLE ROW  L-R:-       ?, Brian Morris, Keith Pugh, Raymond Thomas (ex labour leader), Stuart Williams, Tony Williams, Phillip Fly, Morgan Mills, ?.

FRONT ROW L-R:-         Gwyneth Charleston, Valmy Rees, Valerie Williams, Pauline Collins, Annette Morgan, Ann Roberts,

                                     Ann Thomas (died sadly aged 15 in a car accident, but never forgotten), Margaret Collins, Joy Roberts, Ann Williams.

(Photograph courtesy of Tony (Tiger) Williams)


Dowlais Junior School 1960-61.

Back Row L-R :- John Morgan, Alan, ?, ?, Keith Lewis, John Hickey, Pamela Showers, John James Morgan, ?, Keith, ?, Martin Cater

Middle Row L-R :- Marion, Catherine Morgan, ?, Anne White, David Hughes, Geraldine Hickey, Glenville Price, Elizabeth Pocknell, Anne Griffiths.

Bottom Row L-R :- Margaret John, Sandra Thomas, Cerys Evans, Annette Davies, Gwyneth Davies, Jennifer Wall, Valmai Rees, Carol Jones, Jane Elliot, Ann Foley, Patricia Evans, Helen Morgan.

Teacher :- Veronica Jones (Not in photograph)

(Photograph courtesy of Sandra Thomas)


Dowlais School win a cup at the Eisteddfod - 1960s

Extreme Left: Phillip Williams, Lyndon Miles.

Extreme Right: Meryl Williams and Head Mistress Mrs Mason.

(Names supplied by Brian Starr)




Dowlais Junior School in the 1960's.

(Photograph Courtesy of Amanda Davies)


Dowlais Junior School 1963-64.

Back Row L-R :-   ?, Ann Williams, ?, Meryl Williams, Alison ?, ?, Enid Price, Lorna?, ?, Denice Morgan, ?.

Front Row L-R :-  Jeremy Scully, Brian Starr, Robert Morgan?, ?, ?, Nigel Williams, Robert Muncey, Peter Williams?, Paul Cleary, Donald Jones, ?,

(Photograph Courtesy of Brian Starr)



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