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Cyfarthfa Ironworks

Casting the Ingot Rail Loading benches

Cyfarthfa_Works_.CastingTheIngotjpg.JPG (124530 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_LoadingBenches_.JPG (166706 bytes)

Castle Rolling Mill Charging the Bessemer Converter

Cyfarthfa_Works_CastleMill_MainDriveOnBottomRoll-FlexibleDriveOnTop.JPG (116271 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_ChargingTheBessemerConverter.JPG (199083 bytes)

Bessemer Converter - Blowing a Cast Tapping the Cuppola
Cyfarthfa_Works_CuppolaBeingTapped.JPG (210179 bytes)
Pandy Roughing Mill

Transporting the Ingot

Cyfarthfa_Works_RoughingMillPandyMillOlderMill.jpg.JPG (119324 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_TransportingTheIngot.JPG (138261 bytes)

Engine No 14  with the Ingot Moulds 1901

Cyfarthfa_Works_EngineNo14-Cyfarthfa_.JPG (112966 bytes)

Coal Truck - 1900 Steam Crane - 1903
Cyfarthfa Works C1883 by photographer Edgar Williams of 98 Brecon Road.
The Rail Benches The Bessemer Plant

Cyfarthfa_Works_C1883_EdgarWilliams98breconRoad_2.JPG (187796 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_C1883_EdgarWilliams98breconRoad.JPG (195128 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_C1883_RogerWilliams98breconRoad_4.JPG (177722 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_C1883_RogerWilliams98breconRoad_5.JPG (218809 bytes)


Office Workers Outing - 1919

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Wells)


The Cam end of a  Mechanical Hammer

The cam is rotated by the giant wheels which are driven by the Waterwheels. The cam hits the arm of the hammer which in turn forces the hammer down to hit the the iron being worked in the forge.


Cyfarthfa_Cyfarthfa.JPG (188062 bytes)

"Cyfarthfa" - built August 1870, bought by the Crawshay Brothers in 1897

Cyfarthfa_BuiltAugust1870_Sold1897ToCrawshayBros.JPG (181904 bytes)

Another locomotive bearing the name "Cyfarthfa"


Crawshay Brothers Lime Wagon. 1880.

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)

Carpenter's Shop, 

Originally built as Robert Crawshay's Private Chapel. "The Chapel Of Ease"

To the right is Chapel Row, and in the top left Brychan Place, Brecon Road. Part of this This building exists

to this day.

Cyfarthfa_Works_CarpentersShopBuiltAsChapel.JPG (165110 bytes)

Cyfarthfa Works, In it's Prime.

Cyfarthfa_IronWorks_.JPG (150457 bytes)

Cyfarthfa Works, In it's Decay

Cyfarthfa_Works_2.JPG (177754 bytes)

Cyfarthfa Works, now derelict, looking from Pwll Wat

Cyfarthfa_Works_LookingFromPwllWat.JPG (140266 bytes)

The Ruins

Cyfarthfa_Works_.JPG (153837 bytes)

Home Crane

The Raw Material Store Bunkers

Cyfarthfa_Works_HomeCraneNearFittingShop.JPG (143487 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_TheRawMaterialStoreBunkers.JPG (186350 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_TheRawMaterialStoreBunkers_2.JPG (183469 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_TheRuins.JPG (171250 bytes)

Site of the Coke Ovens

Overshot Water Wheel, near Upper Forge

Cyfarthfa_Works_SiteOfThecokeOvens.JPG (140718 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_OvershotWaterWheel_NearUpperForge.JPG (170685 bytes)

Old Waterway Crossing Old Waterway Switch

Cyfarthfa_Works_RelicOfWaterPowerDays_UnderRoadCrossing.JPG (180394 bytes)

Cyfarthfa_Works_RelicOfWaterPowerDays_WaterSwitch.JPG (170932 bytes)


Cyfarthfa Works Relics - 1929

(Photographs courtesy of Mrs S. Snow)



Blast Furnaces


From the Merthyr Express, January 9th 1926

(Courtesy of Peter Rogers)

Cyfarthfa_MEClipJan-9-1926_ThePassingOfCyfarthfa_PeterRogers.JPG (65223 bytes)


The site of the Cyfarthfa Works in 1951.

With Lines Bros in the distance and a Circus in the Park.

Hoover Transport occupied the site for a number years


Turbine Generators on the River Taff at Cyfarthfa.

Any information on these turbines would be appreciated.

    An Early Power Supply in Merthyr  

On the River Taff adjacent to what later became Triang Toys (Lines Bros.) there was installed in 1932 a Gilbert, Gilkes & Gordon 195 H.P. Vertical Turbine set generating D.C. Current that was supplied to Merthyr Traction Co. To supplement their own steam driven generators. Fitted with an automatic weir crest collapsing device.
Closed in 1953.
The only evidence now of the installation can still be seen on the East side of the river Taff opposite the big arch of the Cyfarthfa works .

Compiled by DMJones l995


A  Group  Of Mill-Wrights With A Pipe Screwing Outfit

Cyfarthfa_Works_GroupOfMillWrightsWithAPipeScrewingOutfit.JPG (138688 bytes)

Crankshaft manufactured for the Dowlais finishing Engine.

Pont y Cafnau Bridge and the Hydro-Electric Station

The bridge is believed to date from 1793. Pont y Cafnau (Bridge of Troughs) was built to carry the tramroad to the Gurnos limestone quarries and to take domestic coal to Cyfarthfa Castle. The Hydro Electric Station generated the electricity for the Merthyr Electric Traction Company to power the Merthyr Tramcars.


  HydroElectricStation.JPG (746310 bytes)    

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Pontycafnau Bridge



Cyfarthfa Works Close Down.

From the South Wales News, 28th August 1919.


1938 A new factory being built on the site of the old Cyfarthfa works,

built for the British Sewing Machine Co Ltd., Not sure if they ever occupied it.

(Merthyr Express June 30th 1938)



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