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  Cyfarthfa Castle and the Park

Merthyr Tydfil



Cyfarthfa Castle, built in 1825 by William Crawshay. It cost 30,000 and was home to the Crawshay's until 1889. Merthyr Tydfil Corporation bought it in 1909, and it was turned into a school and museum.


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Cyfarthfa Park.

(Postcard Courtesy of Mr Clive Bevan)

CyfarthfaPark_AerialView_CliveBevan.JPG (187233 bytes)

Cyfarthfa Park - Aerial Photograph


Cyfarthfa Castle - A Penry Williams' Painting.

(Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)

Cyfarthfa Castle - Aerial View


Cyfarthfa Ironworkers welcoming home Robert Crawshay after his stay in Hospital,

 in the hope that this show of affection would encourage him to re-open the Ironworks - 1877.  Robert thanked them but added "The tie between them was broken and Cyfarthfa would never again become a scene activity in his time."


'Thousands Saw the Park Gates Opened'

After Merthyr Council purchased the Castle and Park.

(From the Merthyr Express)


Cyfarthfa Castle.

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J Gunter Collection)


Opening of Cyfarthfa Museum.

17 September 1910 (courtesy of Malcolm Davies)

A Carriage belonging to the Crawshay's

Cyfarthfa Castle - Merthyr Tydfil

Cyfarthfa Castle.

(Courtesy of John Hurkett, of Cornwall; he was an evacuee at Merthyr Tydfil, from Maidstone, during the war.)

Cyfarthfa Castle(JohnHurkett).JPG (128359 bytes)

Cyfarthfa Castle - Flower Bed - The Salvation Army.


Cyfarthfa Castle

CyfarthfaCastle_2.JPG (198347 bytes)


Cyfarthfa Castle                               

(Photograph courtesy Martin Sullivan)                                                                                                                  


Cyfarthfa Castle

(Photograph courtesy of Martin Sullivan)


Cyfarthfa Castle

(Photograph courtesy of Martin Sullivan)


Cyfarthfa Castle

CyfarthfaCastle_3.JPG (188628 bytes)


Cyfarthfa Castle in the Snow

(Photograph courtesy of Glyn Bowen)

The Flower Garden.

(Postcard Courtesy Of The Leo Davies Collection)

CyfarthfaPark_FlowerGarden.JPG (145304 bytes)

The Greenhouse.


The Bowling Green.

Cyfarthfa_CyfarthfaPark_BowlingGreen&Castle.jpg (284959 bytes)

World War One Tank. between the wars, this tank was displayed near the Gwaelodygarth Gates.

Cyfarthfa_Park_WWI_Tank_1940s_2.jpg (239532 bytes)


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The Tank


The approach from Gwaelodygarth

(Postcard Courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)

CyfarthfaPark_ApproachFromGwaelodygarth_TheLeoDaviesCollection.JPG (99561 bytes)


Cyfarthfa Park - The Flower Gardens

(Photograph Courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)


Cyfarthfa Park, The Summer House 

(Courtesy of Clive Bevan.)

Cyfarthfa_Park_SummerHouse_CliveBevan.JPG (222893 bytes)

The Summer House. 

(Postcard Courtesy Of The Leo Davies Collection.)

CyfarthfaPark_SummerHouse.JPG (207217 bytes)

The Tea House. The Chalet.

(Postcard Courtesy Of The Leo Davies Collection.)

CyfarthfaPark_TeaHouse.JPG (224952 bytes)


Cyfarthfa Park - The Chalet - 1972

(Photographs Courtesy of Julia Powell)


Cyfarthfa Park - The Chalet - 1946

(Photographs Courtesy of The John Owen Collection)

Rustic Walk.

(Postcard Courtesy Of The Leo Davies Collection.)

Cyfarthfa_CyfarthfaPark_RusticWalk_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (284273 bytes)

The Bandstand.

In it's original position, opposite where the swings used to be.

Cyfarthfa_CyfarthfaPark_Bandstand_OriginalPosition.jpg (238745 bytes)


Band at the Cyfarthfa Castle Bandstand

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan Kelly)

Cyfarthfa Bandstand.

A Pretty Scene.

(Courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection.)

CyfarthfaPark_PrettyWalk_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (284291 bytes)


Under the Beeches.

(Postcard courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove)


Cyfarthfa Castle from the Lake

CyfarthfaCastleFromTheLake.jpg (148971 bytes)

Possibly an early Fete and Gala.


Boating on the Lake in the 1960's

Martyn Evans weeding and Gary Pickett rowing, helping out with lake maintenance after school and at weekends.


Cyfarthfa Castle

CyfarthfaCastle.JPG (93375 bytes)


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