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Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School

Merthyr Tydfil

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Athletics team Easter 1961.

Each year the School's team No 72, entered the Glamorgan Schools Championship.

Back Row   L-R : Elwyn Kinsey, ?, David Williams, David Thomas, Bill Jones, ?, Phillip Goldsworthy, Roger Lloyd

                          Jeff Edwards.

Middle Row L-R : Brian Jones, Gary Meredith, Peter Coughlin, Roger Vaughan, Maurice Healy, Roy

                          Phelps, Robert Walters, ?, John Davies, ?, ?.

Front Row   L-R:  John Williams, Peter Donnelly, R Lloyd Williams (Headmaster), Eric Richardson

                          (Team Captain), Dan Jones (P.E. Master), ?, ?.

(Names and info courtesy of Brian Jones, )

CyfarthfaCastleGrammerSchool_Sports_.JPG (122871 bytes)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - Cross Country Club - 1961

Back Row L-R:                     Brian Jones, Bernard Jenkins, John Davies, Graham Rees and Elwyn Kinsey.

Middle Row L-R:                  Barrie Jones,  ? Campbell, Roger Vaughan, Philip ?, Peter Donnely, Philip Goldsworthy, Robert Walters, Alan Pembridge.

Front Row L-R:                    Alan Phelps, W.Lloyd-Williams (Headmaster), John Williams (Team Captain), Dan Jones (Sportsmaster) and ?.

(Photograph Courtesy Brian Jones)


Prince Phillip's Visit Outside Cyfarthfa Castle - August 1958

(Photograph Courtesy of Martin Noble)


Cricket 1st XI - 1959

Headmaster Lloyd Williams, Games Master Dan Jones.

(Photograph courtesy of Michael Bale, standing 1st left)


Rugby 1st XV - 1962-63.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School Prefects - 1963


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School Staff - 1963

Back row L-R:-  left to right - Alan Hill (RE), Derek Barberini (Maths), John Cynan Jones (Music), Len Richards 'Mickey the Martian' (Welsh), Dewi Bowen (Art), Dan Jones (PE).
Third Row L-R :-  Bernard Jenkins (English), Mr Warrender (Maths), Vincent Lee (English),
 Robert Thomas 'Tommy Test Tube' (Chemistry), Mr Strachan (Music), Roy 'Jessie' James (Maths),

Frank Evans (Physics), Trevor Jones (English), Mr Davies ' Yogi Maths & Economics.
Second Row L-R:- Gloria Griffiths (Cookery), Clare Crowley (PE), Mrs Clough (French), Jean Williams (English), Barbara Watkins (German), Jane Owen (Maths), May Treharne (Latin),

Maud Lloyd Davies (Biology), Shirley Vowles (Geography), Shirley Thomas (Biology), Mrs Thomas (Art), Chrissie Goodall (History), Mair Dyfrig-Jones (Welsh)
Front row L-R:-  Mr Bale, Mr Lionel Fisher Chemistry, John Hubert Davies aka Twiddles French, Havard Walters Welsh, Mr A.G. Harris Geography, Gwilym Williams aka Nero History

& Deputy Head, William Lloyd Williams aka Flash Head Master, Ethel Williams 'Willihist' (History - Senior Mistress of Girls school,) Addie (Physics), Mildred Jones (French), Nancy Thomas (Latin),

Edith Thackeray (Needlework).

(Photograph & Names supplied by Mrs Jane Type MBE via CyfarthFans on FB)


School Photograph - 1963.  Please click on the photograph to enlarge.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)


Cyfarthfa Castle School Pupils at the Borough Concert Held at Bishop Hedley School - Mid 1960s

Violin - David Walker

Flute - Mary Taylor

Flute - Robert Campbell

(Information Courtesy of Gillian Potts nee Black)






Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School trip to Italy July 1965.

(Photograph Courtesy Robert Fraser)



Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites



Cricket Team - 1966.

Back Row   L-R :  Alan Phillips?, Michael Watkins, Phillip Besley.

Middle Row L-R:   Lynn Thomas, David Owen, Peter Gall, Alan Beynon, Mike Kroll, Mansel Williams,

                           Elwyn Kinsey,  Jeff Hughes.

Front Row   L-R:    Brian Wall, W Lloyd Williams, Phillip Walsh, Dan Jones, Merlin Wilce.

(Photograph courtesy of Brian Wall, Telford)


2nd XV Rugby Team - 1966-67

L - R

Back Row:          Lynn Thomas, Anthony Jones.

Second Row:      Michael Jones, Julian Cooper, John Prosser, John McCarthy, Lynn Williams, Granville Thomas.

Front Row :        John Owen, Barrie Jones, Havard Walters (Acting Headmaster), Phillip Lewis (Captain),

                         Dan Jones (P E Teacher), Roger Williams, Colin Sayers.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Barrie Jones)

Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - Under 13 XI Football Team - 1967/68.


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - 1st XV Rugby Team - 1967/68.

Back Row:            Granville Thomas, Phillip Davies, Robert Cambell & Kevin Horrigan

Middle Back:         Tydno Jenkins, Lyndon Jones,Godfrey Lewis, John McCarthy, Hywel Richards, Brent Miles, Peter Thomas

                             & Dan Jones

Middle Front:         Colin Sayers, Jimmy Bryan, John Davies, David Owen, Mansell Richards, John Lloyd & Michael Jones

Front Row:            Raymond Griffiths, Gareth Hitchens, John Owen & Roger Williams

(Photograph Courtesy of David Owen)


Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School - Under XIV Rugby - 1967-1968

Back Row L-R:        Nigel Stafford, Clive Harman, David Flower, Robert Driscoll, John Hooley, Robert Lovis, Ian Jones, Robert Shott, Clive Blandford, John Williams, Paul Williams, Robert Williams.

Front Row L-R:       Clive Everson, David Shankland, Mr Ian Hopkins, Philip Jones, John Reardon, Kevin Madgwick, Marc Phillips.

(Photograph Courtesy of Marc Phillips)


School Photograph - 1968.  Please click on the photograph to enlarge.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell)


A Geography Class in 1968.

History teacher Mr Peter Phillips is on the front row, extreme right.

(Photograph courtesy of Julia Powell nee Williams)


Cyfarthfa Castle School - Under 15's Football Team

Third from the right in the back row is Graham Adler.

(Photograph Courtesy of Steven Adler)


Cyfarthfa Castle School - Chess Team - 1968

Back Row (L-R):- Ronald Dyer, Ewan Park, Howard Dyer [twin to Ronald]

Middle Row (L-R):- ?, Stephen Jenkins, John Evans, Gary Morgan, Nigel Turner, Clive Harman, Paul Williams, Paul Ronan

Front Row (L-R):- Pam Morgan, Mair Phillips, Janet Jenkins, Ian Hopkins, Francesca Brooks, Elizabeth Barbara, Lynne Horrigan, Brenda Blake, Meryl Booth

(Names courtesy of Ian Hopkins via CyfarthFans on FB)


Cyfarthfa Grammar School - Under 14 Rugby Team - 1969/70

This was the last year before the school merged with Georgetown Secondary Modern. This team won the Merthyr & Aberdare Valleys’ Cup in 1970, beating Bishop Hedley 12-9 in the final at the Wern Field.

Back Row L-R:        S. Meek, H. Llewelyn, I. Lacey
Second Row L-R:    I. Price, I. Kelly, A. Bull, S. Wall, C. Beaumont
First Row L-R:         G. Coughlan, K. Edwards, E. John, G. Khan
Sitting L-R:             B. Evans (Coach), I. Hopkins (Coach), M. Price (Captain), D. Falls, J. Davies (Headmaster)
Front Row L-R:       S. Parle, T. Davies, P. Lewis, A. Lacey.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Kelly)



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