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Castle Street

Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil


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Extract from 1960s Dowlais Map

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Castle Street Festival of Britain 1951. Street Party.

Back Row:- 3rd from left Mrs Margaret Aitken.

Castle Street Jubilee Party - 1935.


Castle Street Jubilee Party - 1935.

The Blue Boar Inn can be seen (middle left)

Castle Street Jubilee Party - 1935.


V.E. Day Celebrations - Castle Street, Dowlais

Pepe Tozzo emailed us this photograph:

"My family are in the photo.  At the back left, man with the glasses is Michael Hurley next to his daughter, Eileen (who was 15 at the time), wearing the Sea Rangers hat.  The blonde lady to Eileen's left is my grandmother Irene Hurley.  To the right of the table as you look at it, towards the front, the little girl with the white hair band (it's a nurses dressing up outfit) is my late mother, Maureen.  She was seven at the time."

Castle Street  V.E. Day  Party - 1945.