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Castle Cinema

Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil

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The Castle Cinema opened in 1929. Built on the site of the old Castle Hotel by local trader Fred Price. The building erected by contractors G. Warlow of Merthyr, had a seating capacity of 1,600 and was one of the best and most comfortable cinemas of the time.

One of it's features was a Magnificent Christie Organ placed in front of the screen it was raised and lowered as required by an electrical lift.

The cinema generated it's on electricity by installing two Petter vertical oil (Diesel) engines, fitted with generating equipment.

On the first (Mezzanine) floor was a dance hall which was laid out with a spring Maple floor.

The Castle Cinema - 1947.


Castle Cinema - Opening Souvenir Programme

Click the image below to read a PDF of the programme - it may take a few moments to open.


Shop in the Foyer of the Castle Cinema

(Photograph courtesy of Cyril Smiths' photo album)

Castle Cinema - May 1971.



Fire Service fundraising at the Castle Cinema in 1943c

Glyn Bowen tells us the film advertised is "The Bells Go Down" which dates from 1943 and a wartime trailer pump is shown.

(Photograph Courtesy of Iestyn - Celtic Pride)


Merthyr Express - 17th July 1954.


Associated British Cinemas took over the Castle Cinema

 and it was renamed ABC Cinema

(Photograph courtesy of Mervyn James)


Promoting Sunday Opening of Cinemas in 1956

David Evans tells us: In the picture, my late father in law, a young Michael Donegan of Cefn Coed, is seen promoting the Sunday opening of cinemas in Merthyr in 1956. Mike was employed as a mechanic at Snow's garage at the bottom of town, but later went on to work at the Castle cinema as doorman and projectionist.

(Photograph Courtesy of David Evans, From the Merthyr Express)


Manager Cyril Smith gathers all the staff on the cinema rooftop to give a wedding present to Gloria, 1959.

David Evans - Pembroke emailed us to say his late father in law is first on the Left, Michael Donegan of Cefn Coed.

(Linda Treharne sends us this photograph, her mother Ann Thomas is 4th from the left, in white with dark hair)


A.B.C. Minors, these monitors formed a Skiffle Group in the late 1950s.

Alan Owen (2nd from left) sent us this photograph, he remembers Reg ? second from right, but no other names. Can anybody help?

(Courtesy of Alan Owen)


ABC Minors Guy Fawkes competition winners. 31st Oct.1959

L-R:- ?, ?, ?, Owen Money (Lyn Mittell). Mervyn James (Trainee Manager) pointing at the winning Guy, Malcome Payne (Assistant Manager)

(Photograph courtesy of Mervyn James)


ABC Minors Christmas Party 1959

On the left is Malcome Payne (Assistant Manager) centre at back is Mervyn James, and on the right is Manager Cyril Smith.

Front Row Holding the large box is a young Owen Money (Lyn Mittell), and holding the tennis Racket is Howard Smith.
(Photograph courtesy of Mervyn James)


Winner of the Edgar James Radio House Philishave competition, 1959.

L-R:- Mervyn James, ?, ?, Cyril Smith (Manager, David Raymond (James Radio House), ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Mervyn James)


Castle Cinema staff  in the 1960's.

Left to Right: Back row-    Mr Lewis, Gladys Elliot, ?, Mrs Betty Senior, Mrs Harrington, Mrs Firth, Manager ?.

                   Middle Row: John Cross, David Nicholls, Ken McCarthy,

                   Front Row-   Alice Griffiths, Barbara McCarthy (nee George), June Thomas, Mrs Evans, Mrs Hynes.

(Photograph courtesy of Susan McCarthy)


Barbara McCarthy (nee George) being presented with her  leaving present off the manager and all the staff at the Castle Cinema, she was leaving to have her first baby.


Left to Right:  Mrs Firth, Mrs Evans, Mr Vines Perry, ? , Mr. Pearson, ?, Alice Griffiths, Alice Jones (Susan McCarthy's Mother), John Cross, Mrs Hynes, Barbara McCarthy (nee George), ? , June Thomas.

(Photograph courtesy of Susan McCarthy)


Castle Cinema Staff in the 1960's.

Back Row: Alma Rees,

Front Row: Barbara McCarthy (nee George), Alice Jones (Susan McCarthy's Mother), Mr Lewis, and Mrs Fisher.      

(Photograph courtesy of Susan McCarthy)


Castle Cinema Staff - 1960's

Front Row L-R: June Thomas, Alice Jones and Mr. Lewis.

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan McCarthy)


Castle Cinema Staff - 1960's

L-R: Alice Jones, June Thomas and Barbara McCarthy.

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan McCarthy)


ABC Minors Christmas Party 1960

Back Row:- Chief Fireman T.G.Doyle, Manager Cyril Smith, Assistant Manager Mervyn James

Front Row:- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Mervyn James)

Castle Cinema Organist Gene Lynn (Signed Photograph)

(Photograph Courtesy of Gordon Crook)



Children Listening to the organ in the 1950s

(Photograph courtesy of Mervyn James)

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