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Merthyr Tydfil

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General View of Cwmfelin, Bedlinog.

(Photograph courtesy of Judith Jones)

The Square, 1937

BedlinogTheSquare_1937.JPG (91111 bytes)

The Square. Circa 1920s

Bedlinog_TheSquare.JPG (107421 bytes)


The Square, Bedlinog

(Photograph Courtesy of Phillip Evans)

The Square, in the 1960's

Bedlinog_TheSquare_MorlaisBus_LKT989.JPG (201736 bytes)

The British Legion Club and Institute - 1964ish

Bedlinog_British-Legion-Club&Inst_1965.JPG (89322 bytes)



Bedlinog Cooperative in the 1932

The staff standing by a gleaming Morris delivery Van.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ann Jones)

From the Merthyr Express. 1934

Hylton Terrace

Does anyone have any  information regarding this occasion?

Bedlinog_HyltonTerrace.JPG (178106 bytes)


Hylton Terrace, following the Tornado of 1913,

Left to Right, Number 54,55,56, and on the right, Bolwell's' Grocers and Confectioners, number 57.

Alun Jones tells us;

"The owner (of the shop) was Euart Bolwell and if you look at the picture the house to the left of the shop after the alleyway (number 56) was his

sisters shop and her name was Minnie Bolwell, she never married as far as I know. And the house to the left of that (number 55) was

another sister, but cannot remember her name"

(Photograph courtesy of Dick Meyrick, (his Gran lived at number 56 at a later date), and thanks to Alun Jones for additional information)





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1913 Tornado


Gathering Hay at Clwydfrawscae Farm, Graig Fargoed Chapel can be seen in the background.

(Photograph Courtesy of Judith Jones)





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Clwydfrawscae Farm



Dammed River at Bedlinog

Geoffrey Taylor tells us:

My Uncle and others dammed the river to make a pond for the younger children to play in.

The house at the top left of the photo is the first house in Hylton Terrace, you will notice that there are no houses on the other side of the street at that time it was called Hylton street.

My Grand parents and Mother lived in the house next door to the first house in the photo.

The lady in the spotted dress in the photo is my Grand Mother Mrs Ada Jane Price and the girl by her side is possibly my Mother.


Electric Power Station, Bedlinog

(Postcard Courtesy of Ann Jones)

Flood at the Bedlinog Inn  - 1908

Floodwater from the mountainside  caused a torrent through the village following a very heavy and prolonged storm. One man, James Williams, lost his life after being swept away, leaving a widow and 5 children. Charles Price, a stoker tried to save Mr Williams, but was also swept away, but survived after being caught in some fencing and managed to pull himself out. 

(Thanks to Leighton Smart for the information).

Bedlinog_Flood.JPG (110849 bytes)


Oakland Street.


Oakland Street in 1924

(Postcard Courtesy of Ann Jones)



Bedlinog Cricket Team - Winners of Merthyr District League in 1927 and 1928

Back Row L-R :- ?, ?, Richard Heath, ?, ?, Thomas Richards

3rd Row L-R :- ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

2nd Row L-R :- ?, ?, Harry Roberts (Captain), ?, Llewellyn Richards (Bowler)

Front Row L-R :- ?, ?, ?, ?


(Photograph Courtesy of Carwyn Hughes)


Bedlinog St. John's Team - Late 1920's

(Photograph Courtesy of Carwyn Hughes)


Bedlinog St. John's Team - 1924

In 1924 this team won the Lady Lewis Cup at Pontypool. Bedlinog also won in 1898, 1901, 1905 and 1911.

(Photograph Courtesy of Carwyn Hughes)






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