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Angel Hotel

High Street
Merthyr Tydfil

Successful local businessman Mr W. E. Williams commenced the building of the immense Angel Hotel, to his own architectural design in 1873. Built on the site of the old 'Angel Inn' retaining its license; it was described as 'A uniquely strange Gothic castellated building.' The castellations were formed by the regular pattern of the chimneys around the building.

No contractor was used, despite not having any experience in the building trade, he controlled and supervised the project  himself, even ordering and checking the supplies, until his death in 1876. He left financial provision for the building to be completed, and the project was continued by trustees.

One of the consequences of his inexperience in architecture, was the fact that there was no provision whatsoever for gas in the building, this was added before completion at considerable extra expense.

The hotel was originally intended to be the Main Central Station Hotel for rail travellers, but the Station at the lower end of the High Street gradually  became a goods depot and the main station was always higher up on the High Street.

The American Cardinal Foley told a tale that his grandfather used to say that he was 'born in the arms of an Angel' and then laugh. It was later was discovered that he  was born in the  Angel public house.

The Angel Hotel, which had boasted the finest sprung dance floor in Wales, finally closed it's doors in 1933, and was eventually demolished in 1957.



In this extract from the '1851 O.S. Map' the former 'Angel Inn' can be seen but strangely, in Broad Street another Angel Inn

is also shown. (This survived until the late 1960's)

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Angel Hotel & Angel Hotel advert

The Angel Hotel late 1800s





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