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Andrew Popp's Photographs of

Ynysfach & Surrounding Area.

Merthyr Tydfil.


Ynysfach Hill - 1992/93.


Scrapyard (Georgetown) - 1990.










Aberdare Road (bottom) - 1990.


Aberdare Road (top) - 1990.




Mine Shaft - 1990.


Taken from the top of the 'Four Fingers' looking

down onto an old mine shaft.




Looking up at the 'Four Fingers' with Pullman's

Scrap sign being shown.


Old Canal route by Colliers Row before the new road

was built - 1990.




Coal Yard Georgetown - 1990.


Old Weigh Bridge in Georgetown - 1990.




Andrew Popp Senior (Builder) and Wife.


Showing the route of the new road.




Georgetown, taken from the tip - 1990.


View of Scrapyard from 'Four Fingers' Georgetown.





Ynysfach from the 'Four Fingers' - 1990.


Top of the 'Four Fingers' being taken away - 1990.




'Four Fingers', Georgetown Tip - 1989.


Ynysfach from the 'Four Fingers'




Work on the New Road.


Demolishing the 'Four Fingers'  tip - 1990.




Demolishing beginning on the 'Four Fingers'.



Taken from Georgetown Tip over looking the

Ynysfach Estate. Merthyr Metals is shown at the bottom.





Facing towards Swansea Road, this is where the

roundabout by McDonalds is.


View from the 'Four Fingers' of site where houses are

being built (Cae Penderyn) - 1990.




Taken from Collier's Row - 1990.


Taken from Collier's Row - 1990.




Winston's Bungalow - Before Demolition - 1990.


Winston's Bungalow - During Demolition - 1990.




Winston's Bungalow - After Demolition - 1990.



All photographs courtesy of Andrew Popp.



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