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Merthyr Tydfil

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Abercanaid School

Pentrebach Villa

Abercanaid_PentrebachVilla.JPG (106099 bytes)

Abercanaid Social Centre 1940's


Graig Chapel and Bridge. The location of this is at the entrance to Anthony Grove.

Abercanaid_GraigChapelAndBridge.JPG (145300 bytes)

Graig Chapel - 1996


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Graig Chapel

Abercanaid - Craig Pit

St Peter's Church

Abercanaid_StPetersChurch.JPG (123565 bytes)


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The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

  Llywnyreos Inn 1970's   Llywnyreos Inn 1950's  
  Abercanaid_LlwynyreosInn_1972.JPG (87184 bytes)    



Canal side, an old BeeHive air receiver used as a Coal House, 6th May 1972.

(Photograph courtesy of The John Owen Collection)

Abercanaid Station

AbercanaidStation.JPG (218724 bytes)

A view from the railway station.

Abercanaid_AViewFromTheRailwayStation.JPG (116104 bytes)


Abercanaid Bridge & Railway Station

Abercanaid subway bridge destroyed by gas pipe fire in November 2009

(Photograph courtesy of David Edwards)






Abercanaid Bridge

(Photograph by John Yates)


Abercanaid Playground Area

(Photograph by John Yates)

Abercanaid Greenhill House - 19/12/1947

Medal Winner from Glyndyrus Farm Dairy.

Nightingale Street


Glamorgan Arms, Abercanaid

Gethin Pit - Abercanaid

Gethin Pit No2 - Winding Engine House - Abercanaid

Bridge Near Gethin Cottage

Abercanaid Colliery

Hills Plymouth Abercanaid Old Pit, alongside the Glamorgan Canal.


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