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Abercanaid School

Abercanaid, Merthyr Tydfil


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Abercanaid Mixed School - Std.7 1919.

(Photograph Courtesy of Rod Thomas)

Rod tells us

"My father Edward Mydrim Thomas then of 55 Chapel Street is the third boy from the right. Your history of the village is most

interesting.My father started work at the Plymouth colliery a year or so after this photo was taken, his first job going up to Merthyr

each day to collect the mail then after a few years in 'night school' he became a clerk until he joined Powel Dyffryn, Cardiff in

their Coal Factors section ending his working life as Chief Buyer at the then Guest Keen Iron & Steel in Cardiff."


Abercanaid Infants School - 1st Class 1919.

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Rees)



Abercanaid School

Headmaster A. Powell

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Don & Nesta Chamberlain)


Abercanaid School - Unknown Year

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Rees)

Abercanaid Junior School - 1950's

Abercanaid Junior School - Football in the yard - 1950's



Abercanaid School - 1952c.

Back Row L-R:- Gwyn Griffiths, Norman Treharne, Alan Lewis, Gary Edwards. Tom Smith, Malcolm Lewis, Alan Grainger, Donald Barry? Colin Williams,

Michael Taylor, Brendan Harding, Alan Edwards and John Watkins.

Front Row L-R:- Wilf Thomas, Geraldine Trailor, Glenys Cooper, Marilyn Jones, Hilary Jones, Caryl Griffin, Heather?, Pam Hancock, Elizabeth Williams,

Jean Richards,  ?,   ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Wilf Thomas)


Abercanaid School - 2nd Class 1953ish.

Front  Row L-R:- Denzyl Rees, Pamela Moses, Avril Morgan, Janice Williams, Marilyn Jones (myself), Thelma Jones, Rowena Broom, Susan Williams, Angela Button,

Helen Williams, Christine Jones, Margaret Barts, Robert Jones,

Back Row L -R:- Mrs Part (Infant teacher ,
retired Easter 1960), Philip Lewis, Alan Hicks, Byron Griffiths, Kelvin Rees, Robert Saunders,
Philip Lloyd Davies, ? Carter, Kenny Swatridge, Howard Williams, David Robbins, David Ingram, Michael White, Mr Arthur Thomas (Head Master who retired in Dec 1960.)

(Photograph courtesy of Marilyn Robinson nee Jones)


Abercanaid School - 1st Class 1953ish.

Front row L - R: Avril Morgan, Margaret Barts, Margaret James, Margaret Thomas ?, Marilyn Jones (myself), Linda Williams, Margaret Parry, Elizabeth Jones,

Gwyneth Heggerty, Helen Williams, Ann Evans, Christine Jones
Middle row L - R:- Philip Lewis, Vivian Fisher, Michael White, Kelvin Williams,   ?
Back row L - R:- Mr Arthur Thomas (Head Master), Robert Jones,    ?,  Byron Griffiths, Kenny Swatridge, Philip Lloyd Davies,   ?, David Robbins, Nigel Hamer,

David Ingram, Howard Williams, Philip ?, Kenneth Rolls, Mrs Part (Infant Teacher)

(Photograph courtesy of Marilyn Robinson nee Jones)


Abercanaid School Party - 1954.

Norma Protherych, Nanwen Rees, Lorraine Farmer, Anita Jones, Sandra Williams, Christine Bussey and Faye Ellis.

(Photograph courtesy of Wilf Thomas)


Abercanaid School Football Team - 1955

Back Row L-R :- Windsor Jones, Alan Jones, Keith Morris, Keith Perriman, Malcom Greenaway

Middle Row L-R :- Howard Rosser, Adrian Roberts, Dennis Davies, Gerald Graves

Front Row L-R :- Bernard Lewis, John Evans, Roy Cross

(Photograph courtesy of Jean Roberts)

Adrian Roberts holding the cup

(Photograph courtesy of Jean Roberts)


Old Abercanaid School - July 2010

(Video: Lloyd Rees - Old Merthyr Tydfil)


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