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Ash Road

Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil




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General View of Troedyrhiw

(From The Ernest T Bush Series No 2740.)

Troedyrhiw_2740.jpg (209480 bytes)

The Dynevor Arms - 1972

Troedyrhiw_DynevorArms_1972.jpg (1112374 bytes)

Ash Road

Castle Colliery in the distance.

(Postcard courtesy of The Leo Davies Collection)

Troedyrhiw_AshRoad_LeodaviesCollection.JPG (129849 bytes)

Harrietown Lane - 1986

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Jones)

Ash Road and Castle Colliery

Castle Colliery


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Photographs of

Castle Colliery


Castle Pit from Troedyrhiw

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Minard)


The Taff Falls, Harrietown

(Postcard Courtesy of Mrs Thomas, West Grove, Merthyr Tydfil)

Troedyrhiw_HarrietTown_TaffFalls_MrsThomas.JPG (310472 bytes)


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