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Merthyr Tydfil Central Station


Built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, as the terminus of the Vale of Neath Railway in 1853.


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Merthyr Station in the 1950's

MerthyrTydfil_Station1950s.JPG (204186 bytes)


Passengers at Merthyr Tydfil Station - 7th June 1969

(Photograph Courtesy of Irene Janes)


Merthyr Station in the 1950's.

The very narrow platform in the centre of the picture was created at the time of the changing of the rails

from Broad gauge 7ft to Standard gauge 4ft 8'' in the mid 1880's. This changing over of the gauge took

 place in just two days throughout the whole of the Western Region. The roof over the platforms was the

original I.K.Brunel  design.

MerthyrTydfil_Station_BrunelsInterior.JPG (129736 bytes)

Merthyr Station in the 1930's.

Another view of the narrow middle platform.

MerthyrTydfil_Station_GWRSAddletank_No206i9.JPG (103621 bytes)



These two photographs show the the large roof of this Brunel designed Station.

(Photographs from the John Owen Collection courtesy of Ron Edwards)




Merthyr Station in the 1960's.

All Change. Diesels have arrived. The old roof has gone. The refreshment rooms are closed.

Its the beginning of the end of a once very busy station.  

MerthyrTydfil_Station1960s.JPG (166033 bytes)


Scene of a terrible accident 16th of May 1874.

A long coal train broke in half at the Aberdare tunnel and the trucks ran back down the line eventually running

into Merthyr Station at about 40 m.p.h. A Brecon & Merthyr Passenger train had just arrived in the station from

Cefn Coed and was hit with such force that it went over the buffer blocks and out into John Street.

L.M.S and G.W.R  Joint delivery lorry, at Merthyr Station in the 1930's

(Photograph by Mrs Lilian Snow, Upper Thomas Street, courtesy of  Anita Farrell)

MerthyrTydfil_StatioN_DeliveryLorry.JPG (116648 bytes)

Ex B&M No 20 at the Station in 1922.

MerthyrTydfil_Station_ExNo20B&M_1922.JPG (91892 bytes)

Ex B&M No 17 and TVR No 165 1922.

MerthyrTydfil_Station_No17B&M_TVR_No165_1922.JPG (101415 bytes)

Merthyr Station In the 1960s

merthyrTydfil_Station_train_No6433.JPG (212070 bytes)


Merthyr Station Circa 1910.

The large building to the left of the engine is the Bush Hotel which later became Woolworths.

(Photograph by Harris & Co. courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)

Merthyr Tydfil Railway Station


The Last two Dean Goods (0-6-0) at Merthyr Station May 12th 1956.

(Courtesy of Trevor Snell and the Herald Express 5th November 1988) (Click on the photograph to enlarge)

  One of the last dean Goods (0-6-0) at Merthyr Station May 12th 1956   Trevor Snell third from the left May 12th 1956  

Merthyr Station Goods Yard GWR .

This engine was a special .No 4555 was used on the last train from Brecon and was later preserved and

used on the Paignton - Dartmouth Railway.  It now carries the name 'Warrior'.

Merthyr Station Goods Yard - GWR.

Again engine No 4555  


Merthyr Station - GWR4555

Dewi Williams is third from left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dewi's daughter Julia Powell)


Merthyr Railway Station Staff 1945.

(Photograph courtesy of Clive Thomas)


Merthyr Station - GWR4555

(Photographs courtesy of Keith Lewis-Jones FBCS CITP)




Merthyr Tydfil Station

Driver Dewi Williams is in the Cab on the left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dewi's daughter Julia Powell)


Goods Depot in March 1981.

(Photograph courtesy of Dennis Bennett OBE)


Merthyr Station 1953.

(Photograph courtesy of Geof Matsell)

Merthyr Station 1950s.


Merthyr Tydfil Central Station - 1962


(Photograph Courtesy of Geoff Matsell)

Merthyr Tydfil Central Station - 14th July 1962

6433 - the 14.05 SO to Hirwaun

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)

A Snowy Day At Merthyr Station

Merthyr Tydfil Railway Station in the 1970s

Fans at Merthyr Station await the arrival of Howard Winstone following his first boxing match with Vicente
Saldivar at the Earls Court Arena 7th September 1965
(Photograph courtesy of Richard W. L. Meredith)

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