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Woodland's School

Quakers Yard, Merthyr Tydfil

Woodland's School (Quakers Yard)


Woodland's School (Quakers Yard) - 2nd Class - April 1927

(Photograph Courtesy of Dick Edwards)


Woodland's School - Class 1 - 1929

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Evans)


Woodland's School - Circa 1951

(Photograph Courtesy of Michael Walker)


Woodland's Junior School Taken approx 1955

In photograph is Miss Sandra Williams, middle row

(Photograph Courtesy of Mark Griffiths)


Woodland's School

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Evans)


Quaker's Yard - Woodland's Junior School - 1975c

(Photograph Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Woodland's School - 1983

Middle Lady: Mrs Hargreaves - Nursery Nurse.

Teacher Right Hand Side: Mrs Moran.

(Photograph Courtesy of Rita Williams)


Woodland's Nursery School - 1986

Front Row L-R:      Richard Davies, ?, ?,Edward Rose, I think Philip Stott, Francis Whitefoot, Ryan William ?, ?, ?,

Next row L- R:       ? , Sarah Grey, Sarah Thomas, Kirsty Evans, ?, Gemma Dalimore, ?

Groups of three children each end, 3rd row. Left hand group ?

Right hand group ?, ?, Richard Mclean

(Photograph Courtesy of Rita Williams)


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