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Merthyr Tydfil



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Rear of Aeron Terrace, filling in the cutting of the old Dowlais Railway

(Photograph taken by Tom Doyle, submitted by Andrew Owen)





Twynyrodyn Infants School - April 1962.

Built 1953 now demolished and rebuilt in 2003 (now named Twynyrodyn Community School).

(Photograph courtesy of Robert Thomas)




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Twynyrodyn Junior School. (Now vacated)

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Wakeham)



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Twynyrodyn Junior School



Twynyrodyn Social Club - 1945

Arthur Williams tells us "the old social club was situated at the bottom of Walters Terrace known to us youngsters as School Street.

If you take a look at the photo of Twyn Junior School above and imagine looking up Walters Terrace with the school on your right

the Social Club was situated on the opposite left hand corner.
From the girl standing bottom left in the picture the names read Tudor James, Dennis Evans, Dennis or Geoffrey Howells,

Sylvia Howells(possibly), Myself, Colin Jarman and his sister Pamela who were my next door neighbours on Queens Road."

(Photographs Courtesy of Arthur Williams)


Luther Street - Twynyrodyn - Investiture Street Party 1969

Nearest the Camera:        Mrs Jones (No. 71), Beatie Jones (No. 70), Standing by pushchair Ann Linforth (nee Jones), Peter Linforth in the pushchair.

Other side of the table:    Mrs Dan Thomas (No. 72)  ?  Mrs Gillard (No 73), Carol Gillard,  ? ?  Muriel Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ann Linforth)


Mary Street. Investiture street party. 1969

(Photograph courtesy of Annette Jones)=


Lower Twynyrodyn Mexicanos - Marching Past Penuel Chapel

(Photograph Courtesy of Beryl Davies)


Lower Twynyrodyn Mexicanos

Back Row L-R:                            Mattie Williams, Mr Wallman, Billy Hunt, Vincent Thomas, Joe Hunt, ? and (Vernon Lewis, Band Leader)

Middle Row L-R:                         (Drummer, Leonard Jones), Mavis Sears, Mrs Whately, Margaret John, Babara Downs, Beryl Hunt,

                                                   Lilian Sears, Lilian Lewis and ?.

Front Row L-R:                            Ted Murphy, Ann Morgan, Valerie Martin, Iris Roderick, Eira Hunt, Winnie Leonard, Cath Murphy and Jenifer Hunt.

(Photograph Courtesy of Beryl Davies, nee Lewis)




Twyn Stores

MerthyrTydfil_Twynyrodyn_SinasStoresAndBakehouse.JPG (86705 bytes)

      The White Horse Inn, Twynyrodyn  

Looking up Windsor Terrace in the snow of 1982

(Photograph courtesy of Glyn Bowen)


William St - Queen's Silver Jubilee Street Party
(Courtesy of Janet Thomas)
Sharon Thomas first in front row



William Street in the snow of 1982.

(Photograph courtesy of Glyn Bowen)



Twyn Hill


Seion Chapel

V.E. Day Party - May 1945.

Zion Chapel Interior

Mary Street. - V.E. Day Street Party - 1945

MerthyrTydfil_Twynyrodyn_Marytreet_VEDay_1945.JPG (140210 bytes)


Mary Street, V.E. Day Street Party

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)


Mary Street Jazz Band - Date Unknown.

Can anyone will names and dates? Please contact us.

(Photograph Courtesy of Iestyn - Celtic Pride)


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