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Merthyr Tramcars




Tramcar No2 at Pontmorlais Circus May 1939

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_Pontmorlais_May_1939.JPG (112278 bytes)

Tramcar No 12 at Pontmorlais.

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_AtPontmorlais.JPG (258958 bytes)

Tramcar No 12 at Pontmorlais.

MerthyrTydfil_Pontmorlais_TramcarNo12.JPG (105249 bytes)

Tramcar No 13,  High Street.

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_HighStreetTramcar_No13.JPG (154082 bytes)

Tramcar  Terminus- Graham Street, 1938 (Note Burton Shop)

Tramcar No. 11 at Graham Street

Tramcar No13 at Graham Street.

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_GrahamStreet.JPG (151226 bytes)

Tramcar at Brecon Road.

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_BreconRoad_tramcar.JPG (205145 bytes)

Replacing the Posts on the Brecon Road


Tramcar Outside Cyfarthfa Park - 1930's

(Photograph Courtesy of the John Owen Collection)

Tramcar at Cyfarthfa Park gates.

Tramcar approaching Cefn Bridge.


The new extension to Cefn Coed opens with an official ceremony 

at Cefn Bridge on the 17th September 1912.

CefnCoed_CefnBridge_ExtToCefn_Sept17_1912.JPG (105772 bytes)

Cefn Taxi operator "Bob The North" in his Rolls Royce, waits whilst passengers board a Tramcar

on Cefn Bridge. 

CefnCoed_Tramcars_BobTheNorth_CefnCoedBridge.JPG (143297 bytes)

Tramcar No9 at the terminus of Cefn Coed branch line at the Morning Sun.

(Photograph courtesy of Bill "Engine" Jones)

CefnCoed_HighStreet_TramcarNo9_BillEngineJones.JPG (159767 bytes)




Tramcar at the Cefn Coed Terminus Outside the Morning Sun

(Photograph Courtesy of John Langan)

This Tramcar was used in a First World War recruiting campaign.

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_1914-1918War_RecrutingCampaign.JPG (154182 bytes)

From the Merthyr Express.


MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_ME_2_5_1936.JPG (234267 bytes)


The Last Tramcar - 1939 - at Dowlais, Bush Hotel.

Left: Conductor Walter Davies

Right: Driver Mr John Buckley

(Photograph courtesy of Mervyn Davies)

  From the Merthyr Express.  

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_Dowlais_BushHotel.JPG (119349 bytes)


The Last Tramcar - 1939 - At Graham street.

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_LastTramGrahamStreetTerminus_1939.JPG (178744 bytes)


The Last Tramcar - 1939

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Gwynne)

MerthyrTydfil_Tramcars_ShareAllotmentCert.JPG (167585 bytes)


This Postcard of a Model Merthyr to Dowlais Tramcar was produced by J. Arthur Dixon Ltd

(Postcard courtesy of David Jones).


Text on the rear of the



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