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The Salvation Army

Merthyr Tydfil

Salvation Army, outside the original Citadel in Glebeland Street. Self Denial Week, 14th-21st March 1909.


The Merthyr Songsters 1918-1919.

Steve Brewer who sent us this photograph says "My great-grandmother, Florence Brewer is second from left in the second row, her  brother Reg Hillier (later the bandmaster) is in on the far right in the back row, and his brother Percy Hillier is next to him. My grandfather, Fred Brewer is to the left of the boy behind the conductor.

(Photograph Courtesy of Steve Brewer)


The Salvation Army Corps Band

(Photograph courtesy of M. Jones)


The Merthyr Salvation Army Youth Band 1918-1919.

Steve Brewer says "The band master is my great-great uncle Reg Hillier and my grandfather is just behind him to the right."

(Photograph Courtesy of Steve Brewer)


Salvation Army Band - 1920

(Photograph courtesy of M. Jones)


Catherine and Ellen Hughes in their Salvation Army Uniforms

Ellen Hughes became the wife of Robert Weale pictured below as the Band Leader.


Salvation Army - Circa 1924.

The band leader, sitting behind the big drum is Robert Henry Weale.

(Photograph Courtesy of Bob Jones)


The Salvation Army outside Cyfarthfa Castle - 1925

(Photograph courtesy of M. Jones)


Salvation Army Band at Cyfarthfa Castle - 1931

(Photograph courtesy of M. Jones)


The New Salvation Army Citadel is opened. April 1937

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express)

Pole Drill Group. 1950s.


1958-1959 Mayor Tal Lloyd and Mayoress Mrs Lloyd, with a group of Salvation Army members.

Back Row:- Ken McDonald, Reg Hillier, Dick Owen, Sam Jones, Evelyn Wagg, ?, Mrs Styles, Urias Richards, Band Master Roberts.

Middle Row:- ?, Mrs Brigadier Skinner, ?.

Front Row:- Brigadier Skinner, Mayor Tal Lloyd, Mayoress Mrs Lloyd, Divisional Commander.

(Photograph Courtesy of the John Owen Collection, Names courtesy of Dorothy Burns.)



Salvation Army at the Cenotaph for a Remembrance Service

The bandmaster is Trevor Davies and the person on the right of the photographs, playing the brass instrument, is Robert L. Davies.


Salvation Army - Silver Threads - 1970

(Photograph Courtesy of Pam Jenkins)


6th Merthyr Tydfil Salvation Army Guides - Dedication of the Flag - May 1973

Back Row:-      Major Ablett, Mary Ablett, Pam Brill.

Third Row:-     Gill Thomas, Sandra everson, Susan Hewitt. -FLAG- ?, Dorothy Burns.

Second Row:- ?, ?, ?, -FLAG- Sian Jones.

Front Row:-     ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

(Names courtesy of Dorothy Burns)

The Citadel on Glebeland place, with Abermorlais school in the background.


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