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From The Bont to Troedyrhiw


A series of photographs taken for insurance purposes by the Whitlocks Camera Club,

Birmingham, covering the route of the 1946 New Trunk Sewer







This group of photographs cover the High Street, from Pontmorlais to the Parish Church (St Tydfil's).


We travel down the Left Hand side first then return to Pontmorlais and travel down the Right Hand Side.



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Pics 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62.
These shops were just below Flooks. In the 1980s they were demolished and a small car park was created.

57L - Pontmorlais Circus, showing the public toilets.



58. Whiting



61L - Pontmorlais Circus, showing the Owain Glyndwr Pub

59. Merthyr Electric Traction Co. Ltd.


62L - On the left, the Butcher. On the right, the Owain Glyndwr.

In the Palace Cinema that week, the 'Mad Ghoul' and the 'Shady Lady' were shown.

60. Park Cafe





62.  the Palace Cinema, later a dancehall and finally named

The Sands, a nightclub and casino.



63 & 64L - 20, 21 and 22 High Street - M. Simons House Furnishers. Later to

become Bob Wilding's Motorcycles and now (2011) MarshMx Motorcycles

63 & 64 These two shops became Mannettes, then the Model Cafe, and now a Chinese Takeaway.


65. The Morlais Castle Inn and now empty (2010).



66L - Numbers 19 & 19A Pontmorlais

66. Dimambro's Fish & Chip Shop (Who's that in the window). They later moved up, two doors to the larger premises which was previously Mannettes.


67L - 'Cleanwear' Dry Cleaners. Recently was Merthyr Hunting and Shooting.

Now empty (2011) - No 18 Pontmorlais

67. The Imperial Hotel


68L - No 17 - J. Davies Milliner - now a takeaway.



69L - Webleys - Radio and Electrical Retailer - No 16 Pontmorlais

69R - W.E. Vaughan & Company and Freeman & Sons


70L - Morton the Butcher - 14-15 Pontmorlais

70L - Walters the Chemist


71L - Harris the Photographers - No 13 Pontmorlais

This is the photographic studio occupied by Rolf Harris' Grandfather G.F. Harris.

Demolished in the 1970's.

71L - Walters the Chemist


71a R - John Lewis & Co Limited


72L - Wesley Methodist Chapel

72R - John Lewis


73L - No 12a Pontmorlais

73R - Fisher's


74L - W.H. Watkins - Family Butcher - No 12 Pontmorlais

74R  - Papertones Ltd

Now (2011) Tapas Bar / Coffee Shop


75L - George's The Barber - No 11 Pontmorlais

75R - No 87 Pontmorlais.

Now (2011) the Town & Park Ward Communities First Office


76L - Dental Technician - No 10 Pontmorlais

76R - D. Jones - Tailor & Costumer - No 88 Pontmorlais

Now (2011) the Town & Park Ward Communities First Office


77L - F.W. Bray & Sons - No 9 Pontmorlais

77R - Side of Pontmorlais Chapel


78L - W.E. Marsh Florist - No 8 Pontmorlais

78R - Maylott & Co - No. 90 Pontmorlais


79L - No 7 Pontmorlais

Pontmorlais Chapel


80R - Toomey's - Butcher



81R - Government Evacuation Centre

Now (2011) Merthyr Music



82L - Welsh Dairy - No 6 Pontmorlais

A. Hamilton - Optician


A. Meredith - General Dealer



Shop Unknown



83L - Lambert's - No 3 Pontmorlais

Dando and Sons Ltd


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