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Queen's Road School

Merthyr Tydfil


Queens Road Infants Class - 1929

(Photograph Courtesy of Matthew Lovelock)


Queen's Road Girls School - 1929

(Photograph Courtesy of Matthew Lovelock)


Queen's Road School 1952.

(Photograph courtesy of Marion Williams)


Queen's Road School 1952/53

Back Row    L-R:   ?, Alan Lewis, Clive Perriman, Cedric Bowen, Richard Russel, ?, ?, ?, Robert Williams,

Middle Row L-R:   ?, ?, Tony Dinham,?, ?, ?,

Front Row    L-R:   ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,

Can someone help us with the rest please.

(Photograph courtesy of Cedric Bowen)



Prefects 1953-54.

Back Row L-R:            John Meredith, Ann Baker, Derek Evans, Marlene Davies, Howard Williams, Josephine Protheroe,

                                   Raymond Smith, Edna Andrews, Malcolm Griffiths, Carole Llewellyn, ? & Margaret Ralph.
Front Row L-R:            ?, Mr Hughes (Headteacher), Mayoress J.G Davies, Mayor J.G Davies & ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Iestyn - Celtic Pride & Information Courtesy of Forum Member 'Colmal')

Queen's Road Infants School - 1953

(Merthyr Central Library would like to thank the Australian lady, who sent this  photograph, would

she please contact us, or Carolyn Jacob at Merthyr Library, with her name.)


Queen's Road Infants School - 1954/55

Names known are:

Back Row L-R:                      Kenneth Williams, ?, ?, ?, Robert Fraser, ?, ?, Tony Dinham, ?, ?, ? and ?
Middle Row L-R:                   ?, Clive Perriman, and Eric Rees

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert W. Fraser)


Queen's Road Secondary School 1955.

(Photograph courtesy of Marion Williams)


Queen's Road School Football Team - 1956/57

(Photograph Courtesy of Brian Clayton)


Queen's Road Infants School - Christmas Party - 1957.

Lady with a star over her head is Mrs Mary Smith (School Cook).

(Photograph courtesy of Marilyn Davies nee Griffiths)


Queen's Road School - 3R - 1959

Back Row L-R:                       John Davies, Edgar Jones, John Lloyd, Howard Pratt, Maldwyn Butler, Terry Stokes and John Cureton.

Middle Row L-R:                    Roy Powell, Doug Evans, Carol Woodhead, Lorraine Thomas, Jennifer Davies, Mervyn Rees and Frank Jones.

Front Row L-R:                      Diane Hodges, Margaret ?, Victoria Hill, Linda Hindley, Jean Evans, Janet Harris, Doreen White and Mary O'Reilly.

(Photograph Courtesy of John Cureton)


Queens Road - 3Q - 1959.

Top Row L-R:                         Ossie Owen, Les Jones, Tony Hellin, Phillip Morgan, Roger Lewis, Phillip Nicholas and Alan Davies.

Middle Row L-R:                    Tony Davies, Ray Howells, Freddie Jones, Ann Howells, Janet Oates, Eira Thomas, Lyn Howells & Robert Davies.

Front Row L-R:                       Barbara Thomas, Glenda Edwards, Pam Williams, Carol Horton, Muriel Egan, Norma Protheroe, Rennie Phillips & Tanya Questa.

(Photograph Courtesy of John Cureton)


Queen's Road School Staff 1960s.

(Photograph Courtesy of Amanda Davies)


Queen's Road School Staff 1960s.

(Photograph Courtesy of Amanda Davies)


St David's Day in the 1960s.

(Photograph Courtesy of Amanda Davies)


St David's Day in the 1960s.

(Photograph Courtesy of Amanda Davies)


Queens Road School - Mannequin Parade - 1960/61.

(Photograph Courtesy of Susan McCarthy (nee Jones)


Queen's Road School 1961/62

Back Row     L-R:  Gordon Hunt, Colin Davies, David Thomas, Michael Devries, Clyde Phillips, Terry Evans,

                            Jeff (Sally) Lewis, Cedric Bowen,

Middle Row  L-R: Richard Russell, Roy Davies, Wendy ?, Marilyn Davies, ?, Carl Lewis, Maldwyn Walters,

Front  Row    L-R: Susan Black, Carol Carter, Joan Cunningham, ?, ?, Linda Snead, ?, ?, Eleanor Boucher.

(Photograph courtesy of Cedric Bowen & Colin Davies)



Queens Road Infants School 1963

Back Row    L-R:   ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. ?, ?, ?, ?.

Middle Row    L-R:   ?, Amanda Davies, ?, ?, Martin Evans, ?. Caer Preece, Julie ?, ?, ?.

Front Row    L-R:   Ruth ?, Andrew Shipman, ?, Johnny Campbell, Wendy Camm, ?, ?, ?, ?. ?, Susan Barnes, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Martin Evans)



Queens Road Football Team - 1966

Back Row L-R:- E. R. Hughes (Headmaster), Alan Mee, Beverly Moulds, Harry Scott, Clifford Rees, Keith Jones, Gareth Lloyd, Peter Morgan, Bill Evans (PE Teacher).     

Front Row L-R:- Michael Scrivens, Howard Davies, Alan Fear, Martin Galeozzie, John Smith, Barrie Davies.

(Photograph Courtesy of John Smith)




OAP Meeting at the old Queen's Road School

Seated third from left is Mrs. Maggie Fear, fourth from left is possibly Mrs Gillard.

(Thanks to Arthur Williams for identifying this photograph.)

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