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Pontsticill Junction Station

Merthyr Tydfil

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Brecon & Merthyr Railway


In the company's heyday huge amounts of coal passed through this station, particularly in the period 1913-1918. This was to supply the British Fleet at Scappa Flow. These trains were called the 'Jellicoe  Specials'. During WW II and after,  large amounts of ammonia were moved to various parts of the country from the ICI plant at Dowlais


Pontsticill Station

Angus Gwynne tells us "left is Trevor Davenport in the centre is Leonard Wilding Station Master who was my grandfather and on the right is Jim Miller."

Pontsticill Station

(Note: The reservoir has not yet been made)


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Taff Fechan Reservoir


Pontsticill Railway Station - 1922

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Parry)

Pontsticill Station

This signal box was the setting of a BBC sit-com called Davy Jones Locker in the early 1960's.


Pontsticill Station

No's 5793 and 4635 arrive heavily laden on a sunny 1950's day.

Pontsticill Station 11-9-1951.

Pontsticill_Station_11_9_1951.JPG (146742 bytes)


Pontsticill Station 12-7-1962.

The station was totally closed to timetabled passengers and goods trains on 31-12-1962.

Pontsticill_Station_12July1962.JPG (175978 bytes)


The 12.10 Brecon to Newport, Showing the Branch to Merthyr on the Right

14th July 1962

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)

The 12.10 Brecon to Newport, Looking Back to the Station

14th July 1962

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)


John Davies of St Tydfil's Avenue with his wife, pose on an engine at Pontsticill Station in the early 1960's


The 11.15 Newport to Brecon Approaching Pontsticill Station

3rd November 1962

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)

The 11.15 Newport to Brecon Towards Dolygaer

3rd November 1962

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)


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