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  Pontsarn Station

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Pontsarn Station

Although a very small station Pontsarn handled tens of thousands of passengers

 during the summer months. It was THE place to go ,away from the grime and smoke 

down in Merthyr. All the Chapels and Sunday Schools went to Pontsarn for the annual

outing. Special facilities were provided in the large field above the station and

 opposite the Pontsarn Hotel.It is still used to this day for family picnics but

 everyone goes by car, not train.

Pontsarn Station

Pontsarn_Station_1908.JPG (234038 bytes)

Pontsarn Station.

(Photograph Courtesy of The John Owen Collection)


Pontsarn Station.

In this picture you can see in the background the large building that housed the facilities for 

the summer visitors. 

PontsarnStationWithTrain.JPG (217692 bytes)

Train Crossing Pontsarn Viaduct.


PontsarnViaduct_2.JPG (189891 bytes)


Class 37 Diesel Electric on Pontsarn Viaduct 24th February 1966.

(Photograph courtesy of Barrie Morris)