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Pentrebach Infants School

Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil


Pentrebach Infants School - 1997

(Photograph Courtesy of John Rees)

Pentrebach Infants School - 1946


Pentrebach Infants School 1959-60

Top Row L-R:        Glyn Williams, Phillip Ingram, Hugh Rowlands, Gwynfor Williams, Brian Neil, Terence Flynn.

Middle Row L-R:   Susan Bennett, Eleanor ?, Mary Terrent, Carol-Ann Jones, Joan Phillips, ?.

Front Row L-R:      Gillian Carpenter, Christine Price, Susan Davies, Jayne Emery, Linda Howlin, Catherine Mitten, Lynne Morris.

(Photograph Courtesy of Rita Williams)

(Additional Information Courtesy of Gwynfor Williams)


Pentrebach Infant's School - C1960-61

Back Row L-R :-  ?, Phillip Stanley, ?, Lawrence Jones, Brian Nicholls, Clifford Jaynes, Alwyn Gunter, Alan Gunter, Ken Marshall, ?.

Middle Row L-R :- ?, Peter Davies, ?, ?, ? ,Gareth ?, Dai Cross.

Front Row L-R :-  Sian ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alwyn Gunter)


Pentrebach Infant's School - 1995

50th Anniversary of VE Day.

Lady in the Doorway: Judith Samuel

Other Lady: Rita Williams

(Photograph Courtesy of Rita Williams)


Pentrebach Infants School - Autumn 1998

Visit to Co-Op Pentrebach taking papers to be recycled.

(Photograph Courtesy of John Rees)


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