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Pengarnddu School

Merthyr Tydfil

Pengarnddu School, and St Michaels Church.

Pengarnddu_School_andStMichaelsChurch.JPG (97279 bytes)


Pengarnddu School - 1914

The first girl in the second row is Mair's mother Gwenllian Edwards.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mair Haynes)

Pengarnddu School - Std 2-3 1914.


Pengarnddu School - 1940's

Mair Haynes is middle row, fifth from the left

(Photograph Courtesy of Phillip Owen)

We received this reply on 30/11/09



My name is Mair Haynes (nee Thomas) and just happened to Google Pengarnddu and had a shock to find a 1940 school photo with me in it.  I'm in the middle row with a white ribbon in my hair, I was born in London but went to live with my Mamgu & Dadgu Edwards in 12, Castle Row.    I haven't got many photos of Pengarnddu,  only a 1914 school photo of my mother in standard one, also a 1919 photo of her at Pant mixed school.   I am 71 next week but still remember my happy childhood in Pengarnddu.

I currently live in Watford, Herts. I will keep looking on the site but don't expect anyone will remember me, One of the girls I was friends with in the photo was called Mair Parry, and a Mary used to live next door to my grandparents.


Email any replies to:

and we'll pass them on to Mair.


Pengarnddu School - 1949.

(Photograph Courtesy of Haydn Roberts)


Pengarnddu School

(Photograph Courtesy of Ray McCarthy)


Pengarnddu School

(Photograph Courtesy of Ray McCarthy)


Doris Driscoll  tells us:

"My sister married her brother George Warner they were happy for years together. Sadly he died some years back now ,Well the pic on here of Pengarnddu school don't know them all but i do know my Brother Desmond Davies is the 3 boy at the back on the left hand side 8 places down is Jean Jones she is my cousin and she lived with here parents Gwyneth and Ted Jones in the house that still stands there.It is the only house left in Pengarnddu now I think it is the only one? There were two left for a while and Ruby used to live in one she lost here hubby at a young age and never come out of wearing black clothes (bless her) when she had a tv she would let all us kids into her front room to watch kids TV , Jean 's mum and dad were spiritualists and held services in that house for years and years, Gwyneth was a medium and strange things took place in that house so we were told they also had a shop in the back of the house only small but big enough to keep people going, 10 places down in the back row is Pamela Jones she married my brother Desmond and became a Davies , my brother died 3 year ago now and Pam still misses him so much I don't know if you heard of the man who died in Asda stores Dowlais top well that was my Brother Des Bless him.right in the middle of the row on the right hand side are two little girls well these are my Sisters ,first one is our Gwyneth named after aunty Gwyneth in the only house in Pengarnddu and then next to her so close is our Betty. Betty lives on the Gurnos with her hubby colin and her boys and Gwyn lives in Stoke on Trent , with her hubby and and kids , all grown now , I'm the youngest in the family Doris Davies (Driscoll) by marriage."


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