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Pant School

Merthyr Tydfil

Pant School - 1919


Pant School - 1919

The girl with the cross by her is Mair's mother, Gwenllian Edwards.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mair Haynes)


Pant School Reception 1947.

Teacher on the left Miss Winnifred Jones, who was at the time the Organist of
Brynseion Chapel, Dowlais, and a former accompianist of the Dowlais Ladies Choir (Thanks to Viv Lloyd)

Pat Arriaga is middle row, third from right.

(Photograph courtesy of Pat Fearn)


Pant School - 1947/48c

Top row, forth from left is Freda Thomas (John's mother)

(Photograph Courtesy of John Winsor)


Pant School 1948.

Pat Arriaga middle row, fourth from right.

(Photograph courtesy of Pat Fearn)


Pant Junior School C1949

Back Row. ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Middle Row. ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roy Prosser, ?

Front Row. ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Lynda Ballam)


Pant School Standard 1A 1950 / 51.

Mr Phillips (Head Teacher), Pat Arriaga back row, fourth from right,  Miss Annie Jennings (Teacher).

Front row second from right is Pat Llewellyn.

(Photograph courtesy of Pat Fearn)


Pant School St. David's Day

Pat Arriaga fourth row, second from right, in between Marilyn Morgan and Barbara Jones.

(Photograph courtesy of Pat Fearn)


Pant School - 1953

Front row fifth from left is Brenda Llewellyn.

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Ware, nee Simmons)


Pant School - 1954

Middle row fourth from left is Brenda Llewellyn.

(Photograph Courtesy of Sylvia Jones, nee Simmons)


Pant School - Circa 1955

Carol Cook (nee Chance) is seated on the far right of the front row.

(Photograph courtesy of Kevin O' Keefe)


Pant School - 1955-56

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Petersen)


Pant Infants School - Approx 1956 - 1958

Back row, fourth from the left is Roger Price.

(Photograph Courtesy of Steve Price)


Standard 2A - 1959

(Photograph Courtesy of Barrie Jones)


Standard 4A - 1959

Top Row L-R:        Mr Walters Headmaster, Alan Jones, Royston Thomas, Barrie Jones, Tydno Davies, Billy Rees, Robert Peterson, Peter Williams, Peter Davies,

                             John Mitchell, Lester Burns, Alun Williams & Mr J Driscoll.

Middle Row L-R:   Rhodri Coates, Clive Lewis, Doreen James, Avril Davies, Janice Jones, Shirley Shankland, Robert Pugh, Julia Lewis, Cynthia Hughes, Carol Prosser,

                             Malcolm Blandford & Peter Weir

Front Row L-R:     Barbara Davies, Glynis Davies, Susan Rees, Jennifer Kinsey, Francis Wright, Marion Saunders, Pat Richards, Christine Jones, Sylvia Simmons,

                            Susan Howick & Ann Covell.

(Photograph Courtesy of Barrie Jones & Further Information Courtesy of Sylvia Simmons)



Pant School - Standard 1 - 1960

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Petersen)



Pant School - 1962/63.

Back row:- Mr. Jones (class teacher)
John Benbow, Adrian Owen, David Davies, Lawrence (?), Philip Gardiner, David Wright,
Philip Thomas (?), Meirion (?), Frank Davies, Phillip Morgan.
Middle row:- Alison Kinsey, Eric Astley, Sian O`Neil, Owen Jones, Barbera Brown, Royston (?)
Julie Jones.

Front row:- Susan Morris(?), Sian Beverley, Thelma (?), Jean Beattie, Yvonne Burns,
Margaret Stevenson, Sandra Jones (?) Margaret Small, Judith Evans, Patty (?)


(Photograph Courtesy of Adrian Owen, Extra Information Courtesy of Frank Davies)



Pant School - Standard 4 - 1963

(Photograph Courtesy of Ken Petersen)



Pant School - Winners of the First Mini Rugby Tournament - 1976



Pant School - Infants - St. David's Day 1978

Back row, sixth from left, (wearing glasses) is Pauline Anne Casey (now Woodcraft).

(Thanks to John Casey for the Extra Information)



Pant School - Staff - June 1982



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