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Mount Pleasant School

Mount Pleasant, Merthyr Tydfil

Mount Pleasant School - Class 1 - 1914

Mount Pleasant School - Class 2 - 1919


Mount Pleasant Council School - Infants 2 - 1929

(Photograph Courtesy of Joel Morris)


Mount Pleasant School - 1946

Back Row L-R:                                 Mr. Davies, L. Thomas, D. Watkins, J. Ather, J, Evans, G. Hupres & ?

Third Row L-R:                                 B. Grindel, B. Brown, J. Drindel, M. Williams & ?

Second Row L-R:                             D. Waker, Rose Donovan, D. Mable, J. Mable, B. Williams-Mager & ?

Front Row L-R:                                 W. Taylor, D. Williams, T. Sargeant, F. Evans & J. Costigan.

(Photograph Courtesy of Terry Sargeant)


Mount Pleasant Junior School - 1952-53

Marie's Mother, Susan Cresswell, is in the middle of the front row. Photo from the Merthyr Express.

(Photograph Courtesy of Marie Galeozzi)


"Mount Pleasant's Farewell Gifts" - 23rd July 1953

(From the Merthyr Express)


Mount Pleasant School - 1962/63.

Back Row L-R:       'Luxy' Morris, Robert Forbes, David Jones, Keith Thomas, Rob Howells, 'Finny' Timbrell & 'George' Tovey.

Middle Row L-R:    Brian Thomas, 'Teddy' Watkins, Stanly Thomas, David Williams, Joel Morris, Russell Davies & John Nash.

Front Row L-R:      Sheila Sullivan, Alison Jehu, Sharon Sullivan, Janet Munkley, Susan Thomas, Maralyn Sullivan,  

                              Pamela Williams, Maria Johnson & Sheila Marl.

(Photograph Courtesy of Joel Morris)


Mount Pleasant School - c1964 / 1965

Back Row L-R:--   Gareth Hopkins, Graham Forbes, David Moon, Patrick Sullivan, ?, Royston Watkins, Desmond Thomas, Tony Thomas.
Middle Row L-R:- Tanya Wiggins, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Front Row L-R:-     ?, John Costigan, Wendy Button, ?, ?, Leonard ?, ?, Paul Davies, Maureen Tovey.

(Photograph Courtesy of David Moon)


Mount Pleasant School - c1964/1965

Vicky Davies tell us: 2nd row 6th across - Desmond Thomas, 2nd row 8th across Anthony (Tony) Thomas, 3rd row 4th across Ann Davies (nee Thomas).

(Photographs Courtesy of David Moon)


Mount Pleasant School Fire - 1985.

(Photograph Courtesy of Joel Morris)


Mount Pleasant School - Christmas 1987.

(Photograph Courtesy of Joel Morris)


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