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Morlais Services

Merthyr Tydfil

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Morlais Services Depot - Early 1970's

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)


Morlais Services Deport - 1940's or 1950's

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)


4130 ET Turning in to the new bus station in 

Castle Street.


HB 7875

David Grimmett tell us: The location is almost certainly Wembley Stadium. There were many photos taken at this location going back to that long lost era before everyone travelled by car. Most are on the occasion of football matches.



MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB7875_MorlaisServices_Unknown.JPG (145750 bytes)

HB 6145 Location unknown.   ETG 376C In Castle Street.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6145_MorlaisServices_No41_Unknown.JPG (131618 bytes)


MerthyrTydfil_Buses_ETG376C_CastleStreet_MorlaisServices.JPG (153309 bytes)


Unknown Registration

(Photograph courtesy of Miss Linda Ballam)




201 UMX In the Municipal Bus Garage, Barry


  201 UMX In Castle Street.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_201UMX_MorlaisServices_BarryIsland.JPG (114253 bytes)


MerthyrTydfil_Buses_201UMX_MorlaisServices_CastleStreet.JPG (151483 bytes)

JHB 500L Location unknown.   HB 8293 In Merthyr High Street.   

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_JHB500L_MorlaisServices_Unknown.JPG (189409 bytes)


MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB8293_MorlaisServices_HighStreet.JPG (130642 bytes)

CHA 927  Location unknown   FDW 253 No 14 at the depot.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_CHA927_MorlaisServices_Unknown.JPG (163587 bytes)


MerthyrTydfil_Buses_FDW253_No14_MorlaisServices_depot.JPG (173344 bytes)


HOL 250 In the Depot, Traction Yard, 

Trevethick Street.

  HOL 250 at the depot.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HOL250_MorlaisServices_Maudsley_Depot.JPG (191194 bytes)


MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HOL250_Maudsley_MorlaisServices_Depot.JPG (129350 bytes)

HB 9056 at the depot.   HB 9142 In Castle Street.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB9056_MorlaisServices_Depot.JPG (142605 bytes)


MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB9142_CastleStreet.JPG (162556 bytes)

FWO 629 derelict at the depot 2nd Nov 1962.   LCD 854 - at the Depot.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_FWO629_MorlaisDepot_2-nov-62.JPG (186948 bytes)



LCD 857 at the depot



(Photograph courtesy of Elwyn Jones)

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_LCD857_MorlaisServices_Depot.JPG (179046 bytes)


OEV 459 at the depot   HB 7824 at Cefn Coed with a Merthyr R.F.C. trip.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_OEV459_Maudsley-MorlaisServices_Depot.JPG (199063 bytes)





TNY 700 Location Unknown,

with Roy Matthias from Treharris.

(photograph courtesy of Adrian True)


FAX 309 and FWO608 at the Depot.



EWO 763

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)

HB 8247

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)



HB 9922

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)

KAW 677

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)



Probably HB9921

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)






EWO 760 in Nantygwenith Street.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Owen)

At Christmas the local Post Office would be overloaded, and they would take over the Kirkhouse, in Dynevor Street. This Morlais coach is also helping deliver the mail, during the 1960s.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_GeorgetownDynevorStreet_MorlaisCoach.JPG (128348 bytes)



TG 9442 at Cyfarthfa Castle for promotional photography.


Elwyn Jones' Photographs from the 1970's


Morlais Services Yard - Late 1970s


Morlais Services Depot

In the foreground is JNK683C which was new in 1965 to a firm in England,

called 'Capital Sutton'.

Morlais Services Depot - 1970's



Morlais Services - BVO 16C

Morlais Services - Depot



Morlais Services - Depot

Morlais Services - Depot



Morlais Services - Depot

Morlais Services - Depot



Morlais Services - Depot

Morlais Services - Depot



Morlais Services - LHB129L, JHB200K, JHB900L



Chinese six wheeler, CHB 959E undergoing service at the depot.

(Photograph Courtesy of Elwyn Jones)


4130 ET - Depot

(Photograph courtesy of John Jones Via Elwyn Jones)

206UMX and DHB863F - Depot

(Photograph courtesy of John Jones Via Elwyn Jones)


LKT 959, FJA 610 and LCD 852  - Depot

(Photograph courtesy of David Williams)

HB 9922 - Depot

(Photograph courtesy of David Williams)


Morlais Services STG 341 S

Dave Bubier tells us:


STG 341 S was the last new vehicle delivered to Morlais in 1977 and was a 53-seat Plaxton 'Supreme Express1 bodied Bedford YMT supplied by Arlington Motors in Bristol, for whom I was then bus and coach sales representative for South Wales. The photo is an official Plaxton 'on delivery' view. JHB 500L was taken in part exchange.

The vehicle had but a brief career with Morlais and was amongst the first sold on in 1978 when it was decided to close the business.

It might be of interest to note that during the last couple of years of the business the directors engaged the services of Mr W D Mason, the retired former manager of Rhondda Transport Ltd, to try and bring it back on to a sound footing. Whilst he did his best, he was frustrated by staff resistance to any change in practices, particularly those coming from his background with a large, tightly run, corporate operator.


(Photograph and Information Courtesy of Dave Bubier)

Geoff Meek tells us;

"Some years ago, the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust Ltd bought an ex-Morlais coach for use as a donor of parts for vehicles in our collection. It is/was a Plaxton

Bodied Leyland Leopard which had been new to coach operator, Parks of Hamilton, registered TSP939K. It later passed to Morlais Services Ltd as their No 39, and
subsequently to RVPT where it has been used for storage. A decision was recently taken by the Trustees to dismantle 39 for spares, the remains to go for scrap."


Morlais No. 39 TSP 939K

(Photograph courtesy of Geoff Meek)



Morlais No. 39 TSP 939K

Stripped For Spares At Freckleton, Lancashire.

(Photograph courtesy of Geoff Meek)





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