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Kayser Bondor

Pentrebach & Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil.



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Emily O'Shea's leaving party. 1962.

Emily O'Shea leaving Kayser Bondor after 16 years service.

Back Row L-R:- Flora Smith (Clerk. General Office), Maisey Flaherty, Winnie ? (Works Manager's Secretary), Trini Rodriguez. Dolly ? (Canteen Cook).

Front Row L-R:- Avril Brown (Canteen Manageress), Doreen Protheroe (General Office), Emily O'Shea (Personel), Hannah 'Nan' Morgan (Canteen Cashier).

(Photograph courtesy of Emily O'Shea)


Kayser Bonder Appox Year 1963

In photo is Miss Sandra Williams, front row 1st from right.

(Photograph courtesy of Mark Griffiths).


Kayser Bondor (Dowlais) - 1968.

Lady standing in the centre is Averil Griffithes.

Kayser Bondor (Dowlais) - 1968.


Connie Williams at work in Kayser Bondor, Dowlais - Surrounded by Company Directors

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Williams)


Kayser Bondor Function.

Betty & Elwyn Williams.

(Photograph courtesy of Emily O'Shea)

The following set of photographs courtesy of Emily O'Shea        



April 1952.

L-R. Barbara Hickey, Beryl Hughes.

April 1952

L-R Barbara Hickey, Emily O'Shea_

Builth, Late1950s, L-R Emily O'Shea-

Tim Brawl, Megan, Tim O'Shea

1958-59 Megan

Bayliss, Secretary Personnel


April 17th, 1947 L-R

Emily O'Shea, (Trainee Personnel Administrator)

 Gwyneira Evans (1st Labour Officer)

1950s L-R Emily O'Shea,

Marg Owen, Barbara Hickey

April 1952

L-R Emily O'Shea, Beryl Hughes

Aug 1955 L-R Megan Bayliss,

Mona Owen, Emily O'Shea

Early 1950s. Mona Owen,

Retiring Personnel Officer


1953 L-R

Emily O'Shea & Barbara Hickey

Spring 1952. L-R  Emily O'Shea,

Gertrude Williams (S.R.N) Works Nurse

1953. Works Trip weekend in London

L-R Megan & Billy Brown,

Emily O'Shea, Beryl Hughes_

Xmas1959. L-R  Emily O'Shea,

Beryl Hughes, Mona Owen

Mona was leaving the Company

Xmas1959 Works Dance

at the Palace Cinema, Pontmorlais

L-R Emily O'Shea, Anuerin Williams


The following set of photographs courtesy of Emily O'Shea

  1954.WorksOuting_Megan & Billy Brawl, Emily O'Shea, Beryl Hughes  

Early 1950s Beryl Hughes (Training Officer), Emily O'Shea


Early 1950s Beryl Hughes, Barbara Hickey

  Early 1950s L-R Megan Bayliss, Mona Owen, Emily O'Shea   Early 1950s. Doreen Protheroe, Barbara Hickey, Emily O'Shea  



Kayser Bondor Reunion at the R.A.F.A. Club 21st February 1997. Bill (Retired Knitter) and Glenys Winter.

(Photograph courtesy of Emily O'Shea)


Kayser Bondor Reunion at the R.A.F.A. Club 21st February 1997.

(From the South Wales Echo October 17th 1997)

Kayser Bondor - Pentrebach factory. 1948..


Pentrebach Lingerie Mill.


Kayser Bondor - Pentrebach Christmas Party - 1953ish.

Top Row L-R:              ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Alan George (With Dickie Bow)

Middle Row L-R:         David (Dai) Norman Davies, Marion Davies, ?.

Front Row L-R:            ?, Jennifer Winter, ?, ?, ? Walsh.

(Photograph Courtesy of Bill Winter)


Kayser Bondor - Date Unknown.

(Photograph Courtesy of John Jones)


Kayser Bondor - Staff Photograph.

Does anyone have any names for this pic?


Kayser Bondor Function.

L-R:- Elizabeth Williams (Betty Harris), Olwen Jones, Ann Davies (Supervisor), Cath Linehan (Seamer - later to be Mayor of Merthyr)


Kayser Bondor - Retirement of Ann McCormack - 1960s.

Back Row L-R:-  Trini Rodriguez (supervisor), Cath Linehan, Ann Davies (Supervisor), ?, Beryl Evans?, Christi Ramel.

Front Row L-R:- Betty Harris, ?, Cath ?, Phyllis Davies, Ann McCormack (supervisor), ?, Mair Jones, ?.

(Photograph courtesy of Emily O'Shea)



Hosiery Dept. Ann McCormack's Retirement Party

(Photograph courtesy of Barbara Hussey)

  6th From Left Barbara Hussey   Back Row 6th From Left Barbara Hussey  

Barbara Hussey's 21st birthday party. 1968

(Photograph courtesy of Barbara Hussey)

Kayser Bondor (Dowlais) on the Goat Mill Road in the 1970s.


Kayser Bondor Memorial Garden



At the Memorial Garden 9th  November 2007

Back Row L-R:- Tim O'Shea, David Kewin, David Lozano, Vivian Oates, Billy Winter, Oliver McAleer, Emrys Jones

Front Row L-R:- Billy Smith, Tessie Meaney, Betty Williams, Emily O'Shea, Glenys Winter.

(Photograph courtesy of Emily O'Shea)


Tim and Emily O'Shea at the Memorial Garden 9th  November 2007

(Photograph courtesy of Emily O'Shea)




On The Beech_Retired Kayser Bondor employees,

Mrs Emily O'Shea-(nee Emily Samuel, Personnel Administration),_Timothy O'Shea (Knitter)_ Betty Harris-(Mrs Betty Williams)

(Photograph courtesy of Emily O'Shea)


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