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Penyrheolgerrig, Merthyr Tydfil.

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Aerial view showing Heolgerrig Brickworks and surrounding area. (1990s)

Heolgerrig Brewery

The Heolgerrig brewery was built by Evans Evans alongside the original Six Bells , (Of which he was the Landlord) this was situated in a field opposite side of the road to the present Six Bells . After Evan Evans death the business was taken over by his son Christmas Evans.

HeolgerrigBrewery.JPG (467045 bytes)


The Travellers Rest, Heolgerrig

(From the book To the Top of this Stoney Road (Rainbow Publishers) by Iris Roderick Thomas)


Looking Through the Gethin Railway Bridge

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express)


Colliers Row and Georgetown Tip

(courtesy of Mansell Richards)


Heolgerrig road, in the foreground are the remains of the Brecon and Merthyr Railway bridge and, beyond the urinal is the bridge

of the Crawshay's Gethin Railway

Heolgerrig Public Toilet - 1960's

Gethin Railway Bridge - 1993.

(Photograph Courtesy of Clive Bevan)

Heolgerrig_GethinRailwayBridge_1993.JPG (86413 bytes)

Brondeg - Building Cephas Church - April 1972.

The  young girl is Jan Kendall (was Laycock, my wife Pauline's cousin. - Alan).

(Photograph Courtesy of Micheal Donovan)

MerthyrTydfil_Heolgerrig_Brondeg_BuildingCyresChapel_April1972_MichaelDonovan.JPG (96884 bytes)


Heolgerrig - V.E. Day Celebrations in Brondeg

Standing From Left:                       Mrs Maud Gentle, Mrs Peters, Mrs Eunice Williams (Holding Keith Heggie), ?, Mrs Maryann Heggie, Betty Davies,

                                                      Sally Davies, Mr & Mrs Griffiths, Beryl, Jackie Davies, Mervyn Davies, Mrs Gwyn Morgan (Holding Allan Morgan),

                                                      Mrs Ginny Thomas, ?

Children Sitting From the Left:      ?, Dilyth Jones, Clifford Thomas, ?, Myrna Williams, Peter Thomas, David Thomas, June Williams, Dilys Rees, Valerie Morgan,

                                                      Gary Morgan, Gwynfril Morgan, ?, Glenys Jones, Edwina Jones.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Gareth Evans)


Brondeg Heolgerrig - 1995 Street Party to Celebrate 50 Years after V.E. Day

(Photographs Courtesy of Jessica Rees)


(Photograph Courtesy of Mike Donavan)


Cephas Church and the Brickworks - 1970s

(Photograph Courtesy of Julia Powell)



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Heolgerrig School



A Heolgerrig Playgroup - 1968

Back Row L-R:- ?, Julie ?, Adrian ?, Nesta Lake, Claire Lake, ?.

Front Row L-R:- ?, ?, ?, ?.

(Names supplied by David Lake)


Heolgerrig - 1970's

Thomas's The Post Office

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express)


Heolgerrig School in 1992.

(Photograph courtesy of Robert O'Keefe)

Salem Chapel being Demolished - 1990

(Photograph Courtesy of Clive Bevan)

Heolgerrig_SalemChapel_BeingDemolished_2_1990.JPG (74421 bytes)

Salem Chapel - 1919 circa

L:R  Back Row:     Gwilym Phillips, ?, ?, Thomas Griffiths (Tom Gof), Thomas Griffith (Tommy Quar), John Evans, Edward Griffiths,

                             Walter Percy, Thomas Nickolas (Twm Te), ?, David Nickolas, Thomas Edward Davies, Joseph Havard, Fred

                             Williams, Evan Rhyr Abrahams, John Thomas (Shop), John Bev Jones (Baker), William Davies.

Third Row:           James Williams (Standing), Gwen Griffiths, Catherine Evans, Cranogwen Jones, Elisabeth Jones, Sarah Ellen Jones,

                            Elisabeth Williams, Margaret Harris, Margaret Thomas, Mari ?, Margaret Jones, ?, Margaret Williams, ?,

                            Margaret Evans, Margand Jones.

Second Row:       Blodwyn Pugh, Jennet Jones, Lucy Pedlar, Tydfil Evans, Mafanwy Evans, William Jones (Willbett - Tenor), Maggie

                            Morgan (Red Lion - Soprano), Abraham Williams (Conductor), Hannah Elisabeth Evans (Contralto Bass), ?,

                            ?Margaret Williams, Sarah Ann Griffiths, Ray Evans, ?. 

Front Row:           Phillip Davies (Bugle), Brynley Griffiths, Lewis Evans, Ben Evans, John Rowland Lewis, Gwennie Jones (Shop),

                            Mary Ann Williams, ?, Margoid May Griffiths, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Clive Bevan. - Names courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)

Heolgerrig_SalemChapel_C1919_CliveBevan.JPG (235533 bytes)


Outside Fred Pedler's House - Mayor's Square - 1937.

Colin Peters riding bareback.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Peters)







101 Heolgerrig.

Lifting the roof in 1935.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Peters)


Harvest Time at the Fields - Rear of 101 Heolgerrig.

(Photographs Courtesy of Colin Peters)


V.E. Day Party - Outside 101 Heolgerrig.

(Photographs Courtesy of Colin Peters)



Herald Of Wales - Saturday November 19th 1949.

Mr. & Mrs. D. Peters, of Tramside, Heolgerrig, Merthyr, at their Golden Wedding Breakfast.

Their eight children are all with them for the first time in 12 years.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Peters)           



Top of Heolgerrig



Cwm Ddu Drift Mine.

On the right hand side of the entrance to the level is Mr. Dewi Peters, father of Colin.

(Photograph Courtesy of Colin Peters)


Heolgerrig Football Team

Back Row 3rd from left is George Weaver (with tie), and 6th from left, Edgar James Thomas (David Thomas' Father)

(Photograph courtesy of David Thomas)


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