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Gwaunfarren Baths

Merthyr Tydfil.


Gwaunfarren open-air swimming baths was  at one time the only sbaths in Merthyr Tydfil, by the early 1920's

it had become derelict. Sir Seymour Berry (later Lord Buckland) funded the building of covered baths on the

same site. Opened in 1924.


Gwaunfarren Swimming Pool.

Before the Baths were built, there was an open air Swimming Pool.

Open Air Swimming Pool


'Interior of the Old Baths in 1891'

From the Merthyr Express dated 5th July 1924.

(Photograph Courtesy of Carl Llewellyn, from the Merthyr Express)


'Suicide at Gwaunfarren Baths' - 1908

(From the Merthyr Express and Courtesy of Antonia Davis)

South Wales News Challenge Cup. Winner Men's Handicap: Arthur Lewis with Mayor F. A. Phillips on his left - 1923

Gwaunfarren Baths - Shortly After Opening

Gwaunfarren Baths - 1946.


Gwaunfarren Baths

(Photograph Courtesy of Pat Lane)

George Alban with his Swimming Medals and Cups.

(Photograph Courtesy of Pat Lane)


The Corporation Baths.

(Postcard courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove.)

The Corporation Baths.

merthyrTydfil_GwaelodygarthCorporationBaths-2_KenGunter_LynneOwen_.JPG (65568 bytes)

Gwaunfarren Baths - Swimmers.


Merthyr Swimming Club.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mervyn Evans)


Percy John Coombes.

Cup winner 1902 - 1903 - 1904.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mervyn Evans, Percy's Great Grandson)


Merthyr Swimming Club - 1960s.


'Young Stephen Wins Welsh Swimming Title'

(From the Merthyr Express, Courtesy of Stephen Kerrigan)



Baths General Manager - Hugh Kerrigan

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Kerrigan)


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Roy Lewis' photographs of the last day at

Gwaunfarren Baths



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