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Galon Uchaf

Merthyr Tydfil


The Galon Uchaf Housing Estate is situated in the Penydarren electoral ward. Its high and somewhat exposed position overlooking Merthyr may account for its name, which is commonly believed to mean “Highest Heart”. There is another interpretation is that the name “Galon Uchaf” derives from ancient sources and means “Hychans’ Heart”. Hychan was the brother of the Roman King of Wales.  

The area on which this pre-war Council Estate was built was previously clean uncontaminated farm land and so there is no danger of underground working or any other unpleasant surprises beneath the gardens here The housing estate was constructed for Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council in the 1930s in order to replace some of the worst housing in the Borough. The estate was originally constructed of a total of 484 dwellings, but a few houses were added later to make the number 511. The majority of these houses are traditional semi-detached two storey houses with very large front and rear gardens.


G.A. Brown - Galon Uchaf Building Contractors - August 4th 1939


Galon Uchaf roundabout 1980s

(Photograph courtesy of Elwyn Jones)

Seventh Avenue in the 1980's

Ninth Avenue in the 1980's.


Ninth Avenue

Billy Lewis and Vivian James - 1965ish

(Photograph Courtesy of Bill Lewis)



Eleventh Avenue

Paul and Robert Thompson with their Dad's Ford Popular, after a 10 hour drive from Guildford, to visit their Nan.

(Photograph Courtesy of Bob Thompson)


The Sunday School - May Day Parade, crossing the Galon Uchaf Road into 7th Avenue 1963

(Photograph Courtesy of Bob Thompson.)


The Galon Uchaf Road

(Photograph Courtesy of Bob Thompson)


Galon Uchaf Trip - 20th August 1971

(From the Merthyr Express)


First Avenue - 1972.

(Photograph courtesy of Linda Treharne)


Second Avenue - Galon Uchaf - 1948

The Linforth Family pictured with their stylish Morris Eight Tourer.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Linforth)


Fire Brigade and St. John's Ambulance March Through Galon Uchaf

More than likely a Mayor's Parade.

(Photograph Courtesy of Michael Donovan)


Tenth Avenue Looking Down Past the Park Chapel Sunday School Hall to Galon Uchaf Road - 1960

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Linforth)

Galon Uchaf Sunday School, A Branch of Park Chapel


Galon Uchaf Sunday School - Early 1960's

The Sunday School was a branch of Park Chapel. The adults in the photograph are Mr and Mrs Linforth.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Linforth)


Pant Road 

This was at one time the main road from Merthyr to Pant. Part of this road still exists, see Photograph below.

MerthyrTydfil_Pant Road_nowGalonUchafRoad.JPG (229942 bytes)

It runs by the side of the filter beds - 2002.

PantRoad_2002.JPG (240639 bytes)


Fourth Avenue in the late 1940's, taken from the garden of 40, Fourth Avenue where Victoria Horder lived from 1939 to 1949.

(Photograph courtesy of Victoria Horder)


Victoria Wright's (Now Horder) life in Galon Uchaf in the 1940's

(all photographs courtesy of Victoria Horder)


In the Chappels garden at Galon Uchaf,


In the garden at 41 Fourth Avenue, 

Back Row, Victoria Wright (Now Horder), Joyce Chappel, mary elliot,

then seated, David Chappel, Barbara Chapel and Bill Wright.


Picnic at Pontsarn by the river

(Victoria is marked by an X)






Victoria Horder at Morlais Castle Crypt with an Aunt and Uncle..


Pontsarn by the river Victoria and the Chappel children.


Shopping in town with Mam, Victoria and Granny.





On the Ponsticill Road


On Ponsticill Road in the snow of 1947.


Galon Uchaf in the snow of 1947.





Visit to Cyfarthfa Castle.

Mary Elliot, Bill Wright, Victoria Horder.







Heavy Snow on the Galon Uchaf Road - 1963

The heavy snow closed the road.

(Photographs Courtesy of Tony Linforth)


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