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Festival of Britain

Merthyr Tydfil


Brecon Road Infants School - 1952 -  Festival of Britain Party

Back Row:            Audrey Watkins, ?, Marie Price, Brenda George, Peter Gough, Philip Leyshon, Roy Horton, ?, Carl Rowlands & Harvey Lloyd.

As the group are not strictly in rows it is difficult to give the names in order.

Also shown are:    John Vale, Gareth Rowlands, Malcolm Sweet, Hugh Rowlands, Alan George, Susan Lane, David Morgan. 

(Audrey Jones nee Watkins emailed some of the names for this photograph)

MerthyrTydfil_BreconRoadInfantsSchool_1952.JPG (286546 bytes)




Backyard of Queens Road Secondary Modern School

Robert Fraser is third from right in the sailor suit.

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Fraser)

L-R: Mr Perriman, ?, Christopher Bradley (Horseback),

Gillian Bradley & Joyce Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Fraser)


Walking Up Cae Mari Dwn Hill

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Fraser)

Walking Up Cae Mari Dwn Hill

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Fraser)


Thomastown Park ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Robert Fraser)



Other Areas:


Festival of Britain - August 18th 1951

(From The Merthyr Express)


Festival of Britain at St. Tydfil's Well Church Hall - The Quar

(Photograph Courtesy of Julia Powell)


Festival of Britain street party, Bethel Street, Georgetown. 1951

(Photograph courtesy of Michael Donovan)


Plymouth Street Jazz Band, 1951 Festival of Britain.

(Photograph Courtesy of Wendy Rees)



A Plymouth Street Carnival Float, Festival of Britain 1951.


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