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Elim Chapel

North Street, Penydarren


Elim Baptist Chapel, Penydarren

In 1841, Rev William Robert Davies, minister at Caersalem Chapel in Dowlais decided that a new cause should be started in Penydarren to cater for the ever growing population there. Land was leased from the Penydarren Iron Company and the chapel was built in 1842, and the new chapel prospered under Rev Davies leadership. Elim continued to be considered as a branch of Caersalem until it gained its independence in 1852. The congregation continued to grow and the chapel was rebuilt in 1858.


By the 1930ís it had become obvious that the chapel needed a new school room to accommodate the burgeoning Sunday School at Elim Chapel. The materials necessary to build the school room were offered to the chapel at a very reasonable price on the condition that the members of the chapel could collect them. As this was the time of the Great Depression, and the Dowlais Works having recently closed, most of the men at the chapel found themselves unemployed, so they collected the materials and built the school room themselves. The women of the chapel organised many activities to raise money towards the building


Elim was severely damaged in a storm on 23 December 1977 when the roof was blown off. The chapel was beyond repair and had to be demolished the following year. Services were subsequently held at Williams Memorial Chapel until that chapel closed, and the remaining members of the congregation rejoined their mother church at Caersalem.


Steve Brewer


General Views of Elim Chapel



"Protest over unsafe chapel" article from the Merthyr Express - April 6th, 1978

Photograph from above article




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