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but known by all as Sharky Davies'



CKR 742 outside the Wheatsheaf, Glebeland Street   

JAE 264 Coming down Cefn High Street
Buses_CKR742.JPG (73740 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Buses_CefnCoedHighStreet_JAE264_DJDavies.JPG (129998 bytes)
CKR 742 In Castle Street. FJF 180 Turning in to the new bus Station.

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_CKR742_CastleStreet_DJDavies_.JPG (141181 bytes) 

MerthyrTydfil_Buses_FJF180_CastleStreet_DJDAVIES.JPG (139004 bytes)
CXE 99 In Castle Street FOP 334 In Castle Street.
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_CXE99_DJDavies_CastleStreet.JPG (112717 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Buses_FOP334_CastleStreet_DJDavies_.JPG (131338 bytes)
FOP 334 In Caedraw FOP 334 In Glebeland Street
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_FOP334_DJDavies_.JPG (133952 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Buses_FOP334_GlebelandStreet_DJDavies_.JPG (130076 bytes)
FTH 650 In Castle Street. HB 5415 Location Unknown
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_FTH680_CastleStreet_DJDAVIES.JPG (200621 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB5415_DJDavies_.JPG (1256311 bytes)
HKL 851 In Castle Street. HKL 861 In Castle Street.
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HKL851_CastleStreet_DJDavies_.JPG (137536 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HKL861_DJDavies_CastleStreet.JPG (150667 bytes)
JAE 264 In Caedraw. JAE 260 In Castle Street.
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_JAE264_DJDavies_.JPG (130908 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Buses_JAE260_DJDavies_CastleStreet.JPG (143143 bytes)
JAE 260 In Caedraw. HWO 382 In a very dilapated Caedraw Garage.
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_JAE260.JPG (151122 bytes) MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HWO382_DJDavies_.JPG (119518 bytes)
Caedraw Garage.    

HB 6556 at Cyfarthfa Park. HB 6783 at Cyfarthfa Park.
MerthyrTydfil_Buses_HB6783_DJDavies_CyfarthfaCastle.JPG (66596 bytes)
Merthyr Express advert - August 1943. FBX 491 Advertisement (Courtesy of Stephen Powell)

1950 Model Luxury Coach mounted on a Crossley Chassis.

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Powell)


    HB 7131.    

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