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Caedraw School

Merthyr Tydfil


Caedraw Old School

(Photograph courtesy of Roger Sussex)

Caedraw Old School

Old Caedraw School, and the bridge to Rhydycar

MerthyrTydfil_Caedraw_CaedrawSchoolAndBridge.JPG (179216 bytes)

St Tydfil's Church from the Old school yard

MerthyrTydfil_Caedraw_StTydfilsChurch_FromCaedrawSchoolYard.JPG (167856 bytes)

Caedraw School


Caedraw Infants School - Babies B - 1914

Calvin Jones tells us that his Grandfather Idwal George Davies is on the back row, extreme right

(Photograph Courtesy of Vincent Owens)


Caedraw School - Standard 1A - 1919.

Second row from back; second child from the left is Nellie Margaret Snow. Born 1912,

(Information Courtesy of Jackie Burns (nee Jones)


Caedraw Mixed School - Standard 3A - 1919

(Photograph Courtesy of Vincent Owens)

Caedraw School - (Year not Known)

Caedraw School - Standard 2 - 1929

Caedraw School - 1A - 1929

Caedraw Infants School - 1945

Caedraw Junior School - 1946

Back Row L-R :- Miss Lloyd, John Lloyd, ?, Alan Kayes, Roystan Evans, Alan Kaler, Ronnie Williams, David Gravell, Ernest Price, ? Parry, John Howfield

Middle Row L-R :- Stuart Parks, John Evans, ?, John Powell, John Crimmings, Russell Hopkins, John Kaler, Ken Griffiths, Ronnie Roberts, Brian Horton, David Parry, Malcom Newman, Booby Brown

Front Row L-R :- ?, Beryl Nicholas, Valerie Thomas, Pamela Evans, Marilyn Evans, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Gloria Tucker

(Photograph Courtesy of David Gravell)

Caedraw Junior School - 1948

Back Row L-R :- Brian Horton, John Crimmings, John Lloyd, Ken Griffiths, Dai Parry, Moses Warrell

2nd Row L-R :- Jackie Powell, Earnie Price, ? Parry, Stuart Parks, ?, ?, ?, Gloria Tucker, Irma Phillips, ?, Ronnie Roberts, Malcom Newman, Alan Kayes, David Gravell

Front Row L-R :- Brian Hulbert, ?, ?, Marilyn Evans, Pamela Evans, ?, Beryl NIcholas, ?, Edith Hope, John Evans, ?

(Photograph Courtesy of David Gravell)



Caedraw Junior School - 1953c

Back Row L-R: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? & Richard Power

Middle Row L-R: ?, Roger Lewis & ?

Front Row L-R:?, Joan Davies, Vicky Cross, ?, ?, Elizabeth Harding, ?, Megan Price & ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Beryl Davies, nee Lewis).


Caedraw Junior School - 1954c

Back Row L-R:                     Brian ?, Michael James, Jeffrey Chamberlain, Jeffrey Mcintyre, Michael Flynn, Brian Thomas, Danny Mahoney,

                                           Jeffrey Jones, Robert Griffiths, Lyn Mittel, Malcolm Passmore.

Middle Row L-R:                  Ernest Walker, Lawrence Evans, Barbara Williams, Sandra Evans, Valerie Jones, Jennifer Howatson, Hilary Watkeys,

                                           Christine ?, Judith Rich, Philip Hughes,

Front Row L-R:                    Susan Davies, ?, Wendy Lewis, Sandra Bunce, Jean Parry, Christine Hamilton, Gloria Stephens, Beryl Lewis, ?, Linda ?,

                                            Margaret Williams, Marion ?

(Photograph Courtesy of Beryl Davies, Nee Lewis)


Caedraw School - 1954c

Back Row L-R:                       ? , ?, ?, Derrick Protheroe, ?, ?, ?, Michael James, Danny Mahoney, Jeffery Jones & Robert Williams.

Middle Row L-R:                    ?, ?, Ernest Walker, ?, Jeffery Macintyre & ?

Bottom Row L-R:                   Jean Parry, ?, Carol Berrington, Elizabeth Harding, Megan Price, Beryl Lewis, ?, Valerie Jones, Wendy Lewis,

                                              Jennifer Howason & Barbara Williams

(Photograph Courtesy of Beryl Davies, Nee Lewis)

Caedraw old school being demolished.


Caedraw School - St David's Day - 1965

Top Row L-R:          Barrie Morris, ?, Wendy Golledge, ?, Alison Diss, Janice Rees, Martin Treen.

Middle Row L-R:     Patricia Holland, Diane Francis, Jacky Hier, ?, ?, Pauline Washer, David Butler, Paul Webb.

Front Row L-R:        Kim Davies, ?, Wayne Sullivan, Paul James, Alison Osbourne, David Binks, Gareth Willis, Mary Abrams

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul Webb)

Caedraw Primary School - 1971

From Left to Right: Deralyn Williams, Lynette Evans, Ceri Sage, Beverley Treen, Shan Marshall, Heather Jones.

(Information Courtesy of Heather Jones)


Caedraw School - 1984/1985c

Back Row L-R:       ?, ?, Robert Downes, ?, Craig Taylor, Anthony Mee, ?, John Walker
Middle Row L-R:    Cheryl Sims, Rhian Parry, Angharad Owen, ?, Andrew Childs, Paul Jones, ?, Nerys Powles.
Front Row L-R:       Bethan Saunders, ?, Leanne Davies, Sarah Burke, Nicole Bunce,  Andrea Nicholas, Sarah Hancox.

(Photograph Courtesy of Andrea Nicholls)


Caedraw School - 1988

Back row L-R: Abdul Rashid?, Luke Bennett, Robert Collett, Jonathan Allen, Ian Trewartha, ?, Henry Chan,

Ahud Ali, Charles Sanderson, Jonathan Cooper

Second Row L-R: Daniel Powell, ?, Dennis Canavan, Peter Allen, Cheryl Sims, ?, Gavin Crumb, ?, Robert Calvert,

Damien Thomas

Front Row L-R: Sarah Hill, Leanne Childs, Kathryn Burke, Nicola Lloyd, Suranne Morresey, Leanne McCue,

Rebecca O'Sullivan, ?, Clare Williams.



Caedraw School - 2005

Back Row L-R :- Carwyn Harris (Teacher), Christopher Williams, Luke Collins, Evan Reynolds/Burnell, Avishka Dharmasiri, Joe Williams, Paul Best.

3rd Row L-R :- Daniel Richards, Ria Davies, Sophie Sullivan, Rachel Sullivan, Sophie Astley, Ffiona Jenkins.

2nd Row L-R :- Hannah McCarthy, Kimberley Thomas, Sophie Williams, Jessica Walters, Katie Mullins, Tamsin Jones.

Front Row L-R :- Harley McGregor, Alex George, Callum Griffiths, Rebecca NG, Samuel Devereux, Adam Owens,


Caedraw School Football Team - 2005

Back Row L-R :- Carwyn Harris (Teacher), ?, ?, ?, Ryan Normington, Sophie Sullivan, ?

Middle Row L-R :- Daniel Richards, ?, ?, Christopher Williams, Avishka Dharmisiri, ?.

Front Row L-R :- Samuel Devereux, Samuel Walker, Alexander George, Evan Reynolds/Burnell, Timothy NG, Adam Owens, Harley McGregor

Caedraw School - 2007 - 2008

Back row L-R:

Second Row L-R:

Front Row L-R:



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