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Beedles & Stephens

Aberfan, Merthyr Tydfil

Outside their Garage in Pantglas Road, 1928. Just about to depart with the R.A.O.B

Mackingtosh Lodge, Barry outing. Alby George (Alan's father) driver,is standing to the right.

Aberfan BarryOuting1928_.JPG (122017 bytes)


MerthyrTydfil_Buses_Aberfan_Beedle&Stephens.JPG (240103 bytes)

Porthcawl in the 1930's - Alan George's father Alby George Driving.

Beadles&Stephens_Charabang _ConeyBeachPorthcawl.JPG (119484 bytes)

In the foreground is a Beedles and Stephens coach at a Cheltenham Coach Station.

(Thanks to Robert Price for the Location, he says: "My guess is that it is about to work a scheduled

service to South Wales possibly on hire to Associated Motorways.")