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Alan George

Personal Page


My Mother (Phyllis) and my Father (Alby)

With his Mark 7 Jaguar - taken around 1958.

Me and My Sister (Brenda) - 1946.


Me and Brenda

Cromwell Street - 1947ish.


Me and Brenda Again.

Our mother had got us ready for something special, can't remember what it was. We were parked opposite our house in Cromwell Street and told not to move! We didn't for fear of our lives.

Playing Boats - Circa 1955.

This photograph was in the Merthyr Express, following some very heavy rain.

in the picture is  L to R   ?,  Roger Palace, me, Alan Philips, David Swan, David Morgan, Paul Fursland

(on the bricks), Richard Jewson.


My elder sister Brenda and Me.

With my fathers Scott motorcycle combination. Crickhowell 1955


My First Car- A Reliant Regal 1961

This Photograph was taken in Jersey 1961.


My second car a 1960 Ford Anglia.

This photograph was taken in Dane Street, outside my friend's (Brian Gillespie) house.


My third car a 1961 2.6 litre Vauxhall Cresta

This photograph was taken in Dursley, on a visit to my friend's (Blondie) cousin.


My fourth car was a 1965 3.3 Litre Vauxhall Cresta

This photograph was taken outside my garage in Wells Street.