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Abermorlais School

British Schools



AbermorlaisSchool.JPG (55849 bytes)

Foundation Stone. Laid by Lady Charlotte (Previously Guest) Schreiber

MerthyrTydfil_AbermorlaisSchool_FoundationStone_LadyCharlotteSchreiber.JPG (122814 bytes)

MerthyrTydfil_AbermorlaisSchool_.jpg (197736 bytes)


Abermorlais School Watercolour

Gary Englund sends us this photographs of a watercolour painting which he bought in Berkeley, California.

(Courtesy of Gary Englund)


Abermorlais School - September 1970.

(Photograph courtesy of John Davies, St Tydfil's Ave,)



Abermorlais Gr 4.


Abermorlais Girls - Standard 3b - 1914

Mrs Charles Jones. Mayoress Holding Board. Mrs.E.M.Powney Nee Harris, (14, King St. Caepantywyll) 2nd Row,1st Left.

(From the Merthyr Express)


Abermorlais Girls - Standard 6-7 - 1914

(Photograph Courtesy of Pam Jenkins)


Abermorlais Girls School - Standard 4a.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mrs. Cross)



The Headmaster from 1880 to 1919 was Mr Jenkin Jenkins, an

 impressive little man of 5'4", who was a strict disciplinarian.

He used to stand by the only entrance to the school, clad in cap

and gown. Watch in one hand and cane in the other, at 9:00am

and 2:00pm waiting for latecomers.

Dewi Bowen



Outdoor Geography lesson,

"Now then boys this is where we are" the Teacher seems to be pointing out where Merthyr Tydfil is on his giant map painted

on the wall, (with Head Master Jenkin Jenkins L-H Side with the Bowler Hat.)

Another Geography lesson with a World Map.



The visual aids were painted on the walls by a Teacher named Tom

 Jones of Cefn Coed, familiarly known as 'Long Tom' to distinguish him

 from another Tom Jones.

Slogans, in addition to these very comprehensive maps of great

 educational value, shewing all the pricipal industrial towns of Great

Britain with symbols of their main industries.

He would paint upon the brick quoins of the windows and doors such

 slogans as: 'Listen, look and Learn

                      'Look before you leap'

                      'Waste Not Want Not'

                      'Don't Waste the Water'

and many other learned sayings which were vividly impressed upon

all his pupils.

Dewi Bowen



Outdoor Mathematics lesson, with Head Master Jenkin Jenkins L-H Side with the Bowler Hat)


Abermorlais School - 1919

The girl in the front row with the white stockings is Mary Lewis.

(Photograph Courtesy of Avril Mudway)


Abermorlais Girls School - Std 2a 1929.

(Photograph courtesy of the Julia Powell)


Abermorlais Girls School - Std 3b 1929.

Hannah Griffiths, middle row fourth from right.

(Photograph courtesy of the Leo Davies Collection)


Abermorlais School - Forms I & II - 1929

The photograph has Betty's Father - Bill Simmons.

(Photograph Courtesy of Betty Tully)


Abermorlais School - 1944-45.

(Photograph Courtesy of Anita Farrell)


Abermorlais School - 1945 Play

With Teachers Miss Sarah May Price and Mrs Garner(?)

(Photograph Courtesy of Avril Mudway)


Abermorlais School - 1949/50.

Back Row L-R:     Glenwyn White, Francis Davies, Ann Davies, Carole Jones, Eirwen Davies, Edna Roberts

                            Marilyn Thomas, Betty Cross.

Middle Row L-R:  Jean Murphy, Betty Evans, Joan Howells, Audrey Williams, Majorie Joseph, Margaret Davies,

                            Gillian Roderick, Gwyneth Moses, Norma Watkins, Shirley Davies. 

Front Row L-R:     ? Rees, ?, Valery Probert, Audrey King, Vilmar Adler, Ann Williams, Gloria Richards,

                            Nesta Powell, Sylvia Jones, Elizabeth Roberts.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Don & Nesta Chamberlain)


Abermorlais School - 1949/50.

Back Row:      Teacher ?, ?, ? Bloom, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, David Dean, ?, ? & ?

Middle Row:    ?, ?, Brian Gillespie, David Howells, ?, ?, ?, ?, Michael Besley, ? & ?

Front Row:      ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? & ?

(Photograph Courtesy of David Howells)


Abermorlais School 1954/55

Back Row    L-R:  Pat Cochrane, Gareth Williams, Tony Bracey, Philip Jones, Cedric Bowen, Michael ?, Alan Pembridge, ?.

Middle Row L-R:  Brian Jones, ?, David Cross, Keith Lewis, Don Taylor, Andre Leonard, ?, Brian Webley,

Front Row   L-R:  Jennifer Hill, Carol Chappel, ?, Cheryl Lewis, ?, ?, ?.

Can anyone fill in the blanks please?

(Photograph courtesy of Cedric Bowen)


Abermorlais School 1955ish.

L to R

Back Row:             Philip Jones, Harry Davies, Ronald Turner, Peter Coughlin, Alan Phillips, Richard Gledhill, David Swan,

                             Geoffrey O'Leary, Roger Thomas, Alan George, Paul Fursland & Geoffrey Davies

Middle Row:           Howell Thomas, Beverly Price, Richard Jewson, Lilian Davies, Marlise Mummel, Joan Evans, Christine Jones,

                             Geraldine Davies, David Morgan, Martin Edwards, David Thomas & Robert Gilchrist.

Front Row;             Marilyn Harman, Sydney Edwards, Jennifer Bates, Evelyn Hughes, Joyce Davies, Jennifer Meredith, Alethea Davies,

                             Lynda Jones, Wendy Davies, Gaynor Hobby & Ann Evans.

(Names Courtesy of Jennifer Brill nee Bates)


Abermorlais School 1955ish.

L to R

Back Row:             John Haines, Paul Sims, Newell Evans, Roy Jones, Brent Evans, David Hopkins, Tony Hyde,

                             Kenneth Manley, Anthony Cooksey, Ronald Morgan, Richard Hall.

Middle Row:           Anthony Cousins, Geoffrey Hodges, Elvyn Jones, Carol Morgan, Janice Charles, Neil Watkins,

                               ?, May Dower, ?, Mervyn Davies, Alan Grainger, Teacher Mrs Jones.

Front Row;             Brenda Hartley, Joyce Baukwell, Olga Morgan, Gaynor Bishop, Linda Owen, Barbara Davies, ?,

                              ?, Betty Davies, Karen williams, Pamela Williams.

(Photograph and names courtesy of Mervyn Davies ex Brecon Road Boy)

The next  photograph was sent in by Lynda Jarvis nee Chamberlain ex of Iron Lane, Georgetown, now of South Carolina.

Back Row        Geoff Davies?, Alan Francis, Lesley Richards, Gareth Parry, Glen Owens, Alan Morgan, ?, Donald Taylor,

                        Alan Crompton, Tony Bracey  

Middle Row     Chris Isaacs, Graham Vaughn, Pat Moss, Marjorie Thomas, Cheryl Sankey, Jennifer Hill, Pauline

                        Daniels, Elaine Williams, Janice Evans, Susan Davies. 

Front Row        Christine Kyte, Betty Simmonds, Judith Chappelle, June Powell, Linda Richards, Susan Powell,

                        Marilyn Pritchard, Eileen?, Vivien Moore, Linda Riches, Lynda Chamberlain, Mary?


AbermorlaisSchool_LyndaJarvis.JPG (52967 bytes)


Class 2a - 1956.


Back Row            David Lewis, Jeffrey Belt, David Webley, Andrew Clifford, Julian Wright, David Howarth, Robert Leonard,

                            Michael Herring, Brian Wall, Keith Brooks    

Middle Row         David James, Patricia Evans, ?, Carol Docton, Angela Hopkins, ?, ?, Ann Jenkins, Eleanor Davies,

                           David Webb.

Front Row           ?, ?, Jennifer Davies, ?, ?, ?, Marian Moses, Lynette Garnons, Patricia Nicholas, Ann Owens,

                            Wendy Davies(?), ?
Can anyone fill in the blanks?

(Photograph courtesy of Brian Wall, Telford & Information Courtesy of Mike Herring)


Abermorlais School 1956/57

Back Row    L-R:  Cedric Bowen, Richard Russel, John Simons, ?, Desmond Davies, Alan Pembridge, Jackie Fitzgerald,

                            Jeffrey Twooze, Colin Davies, Vivian Jones, Mr Lumley.

Middle Row L-R:  Philip Davies, Gareth Hope, Howard Jones, Denis Davies,

Front Row    L-R:  Irenee Lewis, Janice Thomas, ?, ?, Brenda Grogan, Sheila Rubary , ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Cedric Bowen. Extra Information Courtesy of Howard Jones)


PT Display Team - 1957.

Clockwise from the Left:  Malcolm Carey, Stephen Graham, Eddie Rowlands, Frankie Lang.

David ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Graham)


Welsh Empire Games Tournament - 1958 -

Pentrebach Playing Fields.

L-R   Back Row: (Dr) Robert Leonard, Eddie Rowlands, Robin Manley, Alan Jones (Gudgeon), Geoffrey Turner, Richard Defriez, Alan Jones,

                         Glyn Jones (P.E.Teacher)      

        Front Row: Ashley Hodges, Robert Nolan, Keith Brooks, Jeffrey Belt.

(Photograph courtesy of Glyn Jones and Val Gerrish)


 Abermorlais Junior School, Form 4A2 - June 1959.


L-R  Form Teacher Mr Jones -

       Back Row:   Alec Jones, Peter McCloughlin, Sammy - ?, Jeffrey Stiff, Philip Edge, Gwyn Williams, David - ?,

                          Peter Halmans, Clive Williams, Alan Pratt, Adrian Garbet, Alan Morgan.

       Middle Row: Eric Rees, Richard Defriez, Pamela Norris, Janis Evans, Francis Pulman, Phillis - ?, Sharn Palace,

                          Margaret Johns, Gareth Thomas, John MacDonald.      

       Front Row:   Julie Chapman, Christine Mantle, Yvonne Davies, Pamela Richards, Burnese Thomas, Susan Lane,

                           Linda (Lynda) - ?, Janet Bradshaw, Caroline (Carolyn?) Powells, Jeanette Williamson.


(Photograph courtesy Richard P.D.Defriez, Taunton, Somerset.

(Formerly of 10, Meyrick Villas, Merthyr Tydfil))


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