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St. Tydfil's Well Church

(Quar Church)

The Quar, Merthyr Tydfil.



St. Tydfil's Well Church - Interior.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mrs. Cross)


St Tydfil's Well Church Hall Opening- 1925

The lady on the left hand side with the fur coat is Bessie Berryman.

(Information Supplied by Andrew Farr)


Quar - St Tydfil's Well Church circa 1950.

L:R  Back Row     ?, Doris (The Hairdresser), Tom Botto, Margaret Morris, Tydfil Botto, ?, ?, Mrs Gliddon, Ceinwen Hodges,    

                            Irene Tett, Mrs Poyner, ?.

Third Row:             Ronald Rose, Marion Cope, ?, Mrs Baverstock, ?, Mr Bothwick, ?, ?, ?, ? .

Second Row:         ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,

Front Row:             ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Geoffrey Rose.


St Tydfil's Well Church Choir

(Photograph courtesy of Julie Powell)


St Tydfil's Well Church Choir - mid 1950s.

L-R   Back row:  Tim Morgan, Leonard Hodges, ? , Peter Morgan, Tom Botto , John Gliddon

      Fourth row:  Shirley Davies, ? , Mrs England, Mrs Baverstock, Mrs Gliddon, Margaret Morris, May Rose, Ceinwen Hodges,

                        Mrs Poyner, Elaine Hodges, ? , Veronica Rose,

        Third row:                ? , ------------------------------------------------------------------  ? , Brenda (Watkins now)

    Second row:  ? , ? , Phillip Leyshon, Ronald Rose, Curate, Vernon Rose, ? , ? , Malcolm Sweet, David Morgan

         First row:  Harvey Lloyd, ? , David Thomas, Geoffrey Hodges, Roger Thomas, Jeffrey O'Leary, Gareth Rowlands,

                        Micheal Besley.


Quar (St Tydfils Well) Church - Nativity Play Mid 1950's.

L-R: Standing: David Hadlow ?, Raymond Hadlow, Ronald Rose, Spencer Phillips, Geoffrey Hodges, Alan George, Cheryl Sankey, Tanya Hale,

Ainsley Noon, Marilyn Pritchard Pat Noon, Rev I Nicholas & John Cross.

Kneeling: Yvonne Davies, Mary Fly.      


Festival of Britain at St. Tydfil's Well Church Hall - The Quar

(Photograph Courtesy of Julia Powell)


St. Tydfil's Well Church - Sunday School Harvest

(Photograph Courtesy of Julia Powell)


St. Tydfil's Well Church Hall

Joint Birthday Party of Judith Jones & Kathryn Walters - 1953

Back Row L-R:     Delyth Humphries, Megan Williams (with Julia), Mabel Weeks (with Christine), Beryl Davies (with Susan), Glenwyn Davies, Mrs Nicholas, Nanwen ?, ?,

                            Rosie Davies (with Keith), Maggie Ann Morris, Elsie Walters, Kate Jones.

Next Row L-R:      Peta Humphries, ?, Wendy Davies ?, Dorothy Williams, Cheryl Sankey.

Seated L-R:          ?, Marilyn Botto, Judith Jones, ?, Kathryn Walters, Pat Nicholas, Enia Davies, ?, ?, Judith Chappell, ?, ?, ?.

Front Row L-R:     Peter Cope, ?, Jonathan Nicholas, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Julia Powell)

Mayor Gareth Foster drops in on the Quar Church Brownies for a sponsored silence - 1980s


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