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        The "Rose Marie" fleet was ran by former miner Mr A.J.Caple. it

        mainly operated taking miners to collieries in Glyneath etc., but

        also ran trips to the Beacons and the Coast.

        The buses where sold during the Second World War, and then

        formed part of the large Morlais Coach Company

HB 4678.

Troedyrhiw_Buses_HB4678_RoseMarieCoaches.JPG (108117 bytes)

HB 4788.

Troedyrhiw_Buses_HB4788_RoseMarieCoaches.JPG (125256 bytes)

HB 4678.

Troedyrhiw_RoseMarieCoaches_2.JPG (112142 bytes)


TX 8378 in Carlton Terrace - Troedyrhiw.

Probably  picking up Colliers for Merthyr vale Colliery .


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