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Windsor Hotel

Mount Pleasant



The Windsor Hotel Nutters Club

(Photographs Courtesy of Colette)































Outside the Windsor











Morgan The Moon, Murphy & Swinger


Swinger, Morgan The Moon & Tap Tap Thomas













Windsor Hotel Tug-O-War team mid 1970s

Back Row L-R:  Alun Pennel, Bill Lewis, Haydn Jones, Paul Roberts, Cliff Noble.

Front Row L-R:  Tom evans, Des Jones, Dilwyn Pennel, Tony Bishop, Alan Davies.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Bishop)


Windsor Hotel Men's Roll-A-Barrell team

Back Row L-R:  John Lee, Peter Thomas, Gary Davies, Kerry Jones, Pat O'Sullivan, ?.

Front Row L-R:  Ian Wilce, Steve Robertson, David Morgan, Mike Taylor, Colin Hughes

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Bishop)


Windsor Hotel Ladies Roll-A-Barrell team

L-R:  Ann Lee, Colette Roberts, Susan Minett, Avril Bishop, Mair Wilce, Irene Hughes, Ann Pennell, Ann Llewellyn.

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Bishop)


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