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Catherine Rogers

Merthyr Tydfil Mayor: 1989 - 1990


Catherine Rogers:


My Mother was born in Scotland (Annbank) near Ayr on 02 Sept 1923. She passed away on 17 Mar 2005, and is interned at Cefn Cemetery with my father. Her father and brothers were Miners and her mother was a Seamstress.

She moved to Cefn Coed after marrying my father during the second world war, living in Field Street with her in laws, Bob and Marry Rogers. Tudor was in the Welsh Guards after serving an apprenticeship in the mines as an electro engineer.

They moved to the new estate in Vaynor called Trefechan, Linden Way. Which I was informed of recently at a Merthyr Mendicants Dinner, by a Mr Phillip Griffiths, they were the first to have an electric kettle in Trefechan, which was on a stool in the front room. Mr Griffiths did also mention they were still waiting for electricity in Field Street at that time.

There were a couple of more moves as the family grew. They moved to Beechwood Avenue, Trefechan, then finally to Maes -Y- Garreg, Cefn Coed.

My mother was instrumental in free transport for the children of Trefechan to go to school in Ysgol Y Graig and also in having a nursery in Trefechan.

Whilst as a councillor my mother was the chair of the twining committee with Cliche La Garrene.

As Mayor she re-opened Cyfarthfa Castle Gallery with Rolf Harris. My mother, her daughter in-law and one of her Grand daughters were all in period costume.

I was informed, whilst in Norway with the Composite Guards Battalion, my father sang for the King of Norway. My father was a choir boy and a campanologist for St Johns Church in Cefn as a youngster. He also sang for Dowlais Male Voice Choir as a Tenor for a number of years during their heydays.


Ian Rogers


Catherine Rogers at her Investiture as Mayor of Merthyr Tydfil

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Rogers)


Mr Tudor Rogers and Councillor Catherine Rogers, Mayor of Merthyr Tydfil

(Photograph Courtesy of Ian Rogers)

Merthyr Mayor Catherine Rodgers at the Merthyr Express 125 Years Anniversary Celebration - 1989



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