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Swansea Road

Merthyr Tydfil


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J. Winsor sends us this newspaper cutting of a Judo Club at Swansea Road - 1975c


Swansea Road Under 10's Rugby Team - 1992

Front left is coach Terry Davies. Also his sons Keivon Davies and Terry Junior are also pictured.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)


Gellideg Chapel.

(Photograph courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)


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Gellideg Chapel


Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council Bus EHB 264G passes the Gellideg Chapel in the 1970s.

Gellideg Cottages - 1980's.

MerthyrTydfil_SwanseaRoad_GellidegCottages.JPG (245583 bytes)


Gellideg Football Team - League Champions

Back Row L-R:                            Robert McCarthy, Adrian Adams (Tiger), Neil Richards (Niggsy), Lee Williams, Anthony Smith (Antos), Jacky Thomas,

                                                   Simon Morgan, Cristian Power, Eifion Morris (Skiv), Andrew Gillespie, Damien Williams and Jeff Williams (Bootsie)

Front Row L-R:                           Gary Morris, Mark McCarthy, Robert Manning, Mark Morris (Spud), Alan Harris (Twaddy) and Wayne Harris.

(Photograph Courtesy of Wayne Harris)


Swansea Road-1978

SwanseaRoad1978.JPG (240985 bytes)


The Bridge in the 1980's.

(Photograph Courtesy of Geoff Matsell)


The Bridge in the 1980's.

(Photograph Courtesy of Geoff Matsell)


The Bridge in the 1980's, (Note the old Texas Store in the background)

(Photograph Courtesy of Geoff Matsell)

Thorn Electrical Industries.

Thorn Electrical Industries - 1993

(Photograph Courtesy of Mervyn Davies)

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Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd


Swansea Road

(Photograph Courtesy of Selwyn Thomas)

Swansea Road Mormon Church and the Bus Garage - 1970's






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