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Dowlais Iron & Steel Works
Merthyr Tydfil

Dowlais Steelworks from the Air 

Dowlais and the Steelworks

DowlaisandTheSteelWorks.JPG (480963 bytes)


Aerial view of the Works


Dowlais_Works_AerialView5.JPG (205026 bytes)  

A Boulton & Watt Beam engine to provide blast for the furnace, ordered

by William Taitt 1798

A Boulton & Watt Double Acting Beam engine July 1798.




View of the Blast Furnace Site C1865

Dowlais Ironworks Circa 1870  

DowlaisIronworks_C1870.JPG (194585 bytes)

Dowlais Rolling Mill Engine. - 1857 Dowlais Furnaces - Circa 1865



Outside the Goat Mill circa 1885  The Blast Furnaces.
OutsideTheGoatMill_DowlaisIronworks_C1865.JPG (173890 bytes)

The Glamorgan Engineers Dowlais Company Goat Button  

Dowlais Ironworks Apprentices

Photograph courtesy of the John A. Owen Collection

Furnacemen sitting on top of a furnace. C.1900.

Lyndon Martin tells us th\at his Great Grandfather Rowland Lyndon Evans,

1871-1936. Blast Furnace Manager is standing top right-hand side.






The Works.

The Condensers.

Postcard Courtesy of Viv Bayliss


Dowlais_TheWorks_VivBayliss_PC10.JPG (197049 bytes)

Dowlais_TheCondensers_VivBayliss-PC9.JPG (430866 bytes)



Locomotive "Eos" over the White Tip - 1917.

(Postcard courtesy of Mrs Thomas, West Grove.)

The Furnaces


Dowlais_TheFurnaces.JPG (121652 bytes)



Gareth Hopkins from Pembroke, but born and brought up in Twynyrodyn, sends us this info.

"Excellent web-site, thought you might be interested to know that the photograph of the Engine “Eos”, going over the White Tip brings back memories that my grandfather related. He used to live in Top Row of Incline Top, and used to keep pigs in pig cots across the road behind the house. I can recall him telling me the story of the night he saw the engine driver miscalculate when tipping slag, with the engine being pulled over by the weight of the wagons which had already fallen over. It was a Saturday night, that it happened and apparently it was not until the Sunday that they were able to pick up the bones of the engine driver for burial."

Dowlais_Steelworks_Loco-EOS-OverWhiteTip_1917_MrsThomas.JPG (221075 bytes)



Building Blast Furnace "A" in May 1907

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)

Blast Furnace "B"

(Photograph courtesy of the John Owen Collection)



Dowlais House

Dowlais House

Building the Engine House. Caeharris yard looking north.

Dowlais Ironworks, The Goat Mill.

The Goat Mill - 1897

Dowlais_Ironworks1.JPG (161756 bytes)


1905. In the distance, Dowlais House, The Guest Memorial

Library, and St Mair's Church, can be seen .

The Furnaces in 1895.
Dowlais_Works_Furnaces_1895.JPG (79733 bytes)

Dowlais Ironworks from above the Goat Mill Road.

On the left you can see the Oxford Hotel in Sand Street.

Dowlais_Works_.JPG (144827 bytes)

Dowlais_Works_3.JPG (174180 bytes)



The Sleeper Mill.

Dowlais Bank - 30 Shilling Note.

Dowlais_Works_TheSleeperMill.JPG (92251 bytes)
Building the Engine House. Building the Engine House.
Dowlais_DowlaisHouse.JPG (150475 bytes)
Inside the Blast Engine House - 1910 Inside the Blast Engine House

Inside the Blast Engine House

(Photograph Courtesy of the John Owen Collection)

Caeharris Yard, Clay Mill, April 1969

(Photograph Courtesy of the John Owen Collection)


Dowlais Heavy Casting Bay

GK&N Ltd (Dowlais) A.F.C. - 1913-1914

Frank T Price, Front Row holding ball

(Photograph courtesy of Tom Price)

1911 - Moulders Strike

(Photograph Courtesy of Viv Lloyd)

Pattern makers shop

where master craftsmen made the wooden patterns that the moulders would use 

in the making of ladles, ingots, and whatever design was needed.

Thanks to Adrian Thomas for the info.


Dowlais Works - Silver Band - 1923

Louis William Wren can be seen in the back row.


Donna Williams tells us:

2nd row of the band, 5th from the left (almost centre of the photo) is my Great Grandfather

Alfred James Thomas. He was a member of the Dowlais band all his life and taught many

Dowlais residents to play the cornet, his nickname in later life being "Alfie Thomas the band."


(Photograph Courtesy of Rowland Wren)

The Railbank 1927





Dowlais Works Railway Station, on the old Dowlais Railway, at one time it also served Dowlais town.

Later the building was used as the B.S.A. Guns factory.



Dowlais Works - Iron, Steelworkers & Mechanics Ambulance

(From the Merthyr Express, Courtesy of Chris Jaydiver)

During the 1930's the old Dowlais Works was demolished.
Dowlais Iron Works - 1936-  Being Demolished.

This photograph shows the Cowper stoves which heated the blast before it

entered the furnaces

A Derelict Dowlais Works in 1936

Dowlas Ironworks site, from the High 


A later photograph from the same place,

Building the Button Factory

Dowlais_Works_FromHighStreet.JPG (112615 bytes)

Dowlais_BuildingTheButtonFactory.JPG (122905 bytes)


Dowlais Workmen Prepare for the Factory Sites on the Goatmill Road.

(Photograph from the Merthyr Express)

The ruins of early Coke Ovens.


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