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Dowlais Central Schools

Infants School

Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil


Dowlais Infants School - 1946

Jane Cresswell tells us:

"I am the tallest girl in the middle of the middle row. Miss Evans, the Governess, is on the right, and Miss Matthias

on the left.  Peter Lewis, son of the Lloyd's Bank Manager is on the extreme left of the back row.  I think the girl 7th

 from the left on the front row was called Lynette, and the 9th from the left front row was Mair."

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Jane Cresswell)


Dowlais Central School 1946

Back Row:- Teacher Rees, Glyn Price 'Gus', Brian Gray, Tony ?, Gareth 'Cooper' Davies, ?, Emlyn ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? Lewis, David Harris, Des Davies, Teacher Miss Evans.

Middle Row: ?, ?, ? ?, Harold James, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roy Elliot, John Hartnett, Donald Alvarado 'Ducksy', ?.

Front Row L-R: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Betty Osment, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Sitting L-R:- Elvan Jones, ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Betty Osment) (Additional names from Des Davies)


Dowlais Infants School - 1947/48

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Gwynne)


Dowlais Infants School - 1947

(Photograph Courtesy of Stephen Gwynne)


Dowlais Infants School - Circa 1951

Front row, 4th from left: Barbara Phillips

Middle Row, 5th from left: Lynwen Edwards

(Photograph Courtesy of Barbara Hussey nee Phillips)


Dowlais Infants School - Circa 1952

Back row, first on the right is Peter Davies, next to the teacher Miss Morgan.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Davies)


Dowlais Infants School - 1954 - Form 4

Back Row L-R:      Mrs. Williams (headmistress), Terry Gray, Royston Griffiths, Vivian Phillips, Tegwyn Price, Leonard Mahoney, ?,

                             Nigel Watkins, Meurig Thomas, ?, ? Kenneth, John Griffiths, Mrs. Smith ( Teacher).
Middle Row L-R:   ?, Michael Mahoney, John Owen, ?, ?, Anita Greenwood, ?, ?, Mair Jenkins, Meryl Williams,?,?.
Front Row L-R:      Julie Aitken, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jaqueline Jones, Anne Bevan, Gwenda Morgan,?.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Alan Williams)

Dowlais Central School - Infants School - Circa 1954

Back Row L-R:       Stewart Jones, ?, ?, Phil Lewis, Geoffrey Hughes, William Elliott, ?, ?, ?, ?,?
Middle Row L-R:    Barry (?), ?, Graeme (?), Lynda Jones, Susan Williams, Anne Griffiths, ?, Kenneth Price, Lyn Strangwood, Perry Williams.
Front Row L-R:       None known.

(Photograph Courtesy of Phil Lewis)


Dowlais Infants School - St. David's Day 1954

Back Row L-R:  Lynda Pritchard, Ann Griffiths, Anne Bevan, ?, Jacqueline Love

Front Row L-R:  ?, Margaret Williams

(Photograph courtesy of Lynda Pritchard Newcombe)


Dowlais Infants School - Circa 1954

Front Row, 3rd from left: Barbara Phillips

(Photograph Courtesy of Barbara Hussey nee Phillips)


Dowlais Infants School - 1954-55

Sandra Thomas Front Row 1st left, Miss Williams Head Mistress


(Photograph courtesy of Sandra Thomas)


Dowlais Central School - Infants - Circa 1955

Left Table  L-R:       Phil Lewis, Barry?, ? Graeme, ?
Middle Table L-R:   ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, William Elliott.
Right Table L-R:     Susan Williams, ?, ?, Perry Williams, Geoffrey Hughes, ?, Lynda Jones.
Teachers not known.

(Photograph Courtesy of Phil Lewis)

Dowlais Central School - Infants - Circa 1955

Back Row L-R:      Head (?), Stewart Jones, ?,? Phil Lewis, ?,?,?, William Elliott, Geoffrey Hughes, Teacher (?)
Middle Row L-R:   ?, Barry (?), ?, Lawrence Abbott, Lyn Strangwood, Graeme (?), Perry Williams,
Front Row L-R:      Anne Griffiths, Lynda Jones, (none after Lynda).

(Photograph Courtesy of Phil Lewis)



(Photograph courtesy of Lynda O'Keefe)



(Photograph courtesy of Lynda O'Keefe)


Dowlais Central School - St. David's Day - Circa 1957-59

Top Row L-R:       Brenda Cooper, Emily Sinnet, Martin Foley, Richard Hicks, Sonia Davies and Byron Williams.

Front Row L-R:     Alison Tucker, Delwyn Thomas, Alwyn Jones and Selwyn Miles.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alwyn Jones)


Dowlais Infants School - Early 1960's

Sixth from left in the front is Beverley James.

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul Webb)


Dowlais Infants - St David's Day - 1960's

Ann Thomas (now Mitchell) front row, 3rd from left

(Photograph courtesy of Sandra Thomas)


Dowlais Infants - St David's Day - 1960's

Ann Thomas (now Mitchell) in left hand bed

(Photograph courtesy of Sandra Thomas)


Dowlais Infants School - Circa 1967/1968

Back Row L-R:       Sian Davies, ?,? Graham Farmer, ?, Nigel Jones, John Sheffield, Philip Jehu, ? Mrs Evans.

Middle Row L-R:    Huw Phillips, Ian Dyer, Clive Williams, Graham Blackburn, ?, Martin Lloyd, ?,?,?

Front Row L-R:       ?, Kevin Reynolds, Mark Day, ?, ?, Sally Ann Jenkins, Louise O’Sullivan, Sian Williams.

(Photograph Courtesy of Huw Phillips).

Dowlais Infants School - Mid to Late 1960's

Back Row L-R:            Gwynvor Evans, ?, ?, David Powell, Stephen Cannon, Brett Davies, ?, ? and Gerwyn Astley.

Second Row L-R:        ?, Deborah Davies, Susan Sales, ?, ?, ?, ? and ?

Front Row L-R:            Elain Taylor and ?.


Dowlais Central / Primary School - Late 1970's

(Photograph Courtesy of Anthony Edwards)


Dowlais Infants School - 1977/1978

Back Row L-R :-  Philip wade, Neil Lewis, Geraint Harris, Huw Williams, Michael Kahl, Stephen Edwards, Paul Williams, Steven Phillips, Kevin Morgan.

Middle Row L-R :- ? , Julie Thorn, ?, Natasha Davies, ? , ?, Kevin Williams, Mark Rees, David Davies.

Front Row L-R :- ?, Beth Thomas, Sara Jenkins, ?, Shelley Foley, Claire Adicot, Julie Leonard, Nicola Clarke.


(Photograph Courtesy of Anthony Edwards)


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